They’re at it again

July 6, 2017

By Grumpy Scottish Man

I was having a wee surf of the net today and saw this story in the Guardian and just thought to myself, either they are wanting to commit hari kari or they are the stupid party.
It appears the Liberal Democrats are willing to support the TORIES on policies of mutual interest, not a coalition or a dirty deal, but they will back the Tories when appropriate.

At a time when the Liberal Democrats are all but wiped out, when they should be fighting the Tories and their coalition of hate with the DUP, they are meeting with them for dirty deals. Have the Lib Dems no shame, or sense, or decency. They might as well just join the Tory Party, they are Tory in all but name anyway.

Willie Rennie, life long Tory and branch manager of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, will be delighted to see his branch of the Tory Party returning to their natural home. 

Of course now the story has broken the Liberal Democrats are trying to deny this


The Conservatives confirmed that they had spoken about working together on areas on which they agree. 

Who to believe.

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