SNP support and approval still well ahead in latest full poll

September 11, 2017

By Professor John Robertson

The last Yougov poll for Westminster voting intentions, I reported on, was based on a Scottish subset of around only 100 respondents so was limited in it reliability. This Panelbase poll is based on a more reliable sample of 1021 respondents and is even better news for the SNP. In response to the question: Who would you vote for if a Scottish Parliamentary Election took place tomorrow, these were the results:

Conservatives  28%

Labour             22%

LibDems          6%

Greens             2%

SNP                  42%

That’s a commanding lead which suggests that confidence in the SNP’s competence to govern remains strong. There are further indicators of this in the percentages supporting these aspects of performance in government:

Topic                                                   Yes                   No

NHS has got better                             45%                 29%

Schools have got better                      39%                 32%

Economy has got better                      37%                 26%

People have more say                         49%     `           13%

 Given the regular media distortions suggesting the opposite, these results are encouraging and suggest either people don’t believe all they hear on Reporting Scotland or hopefully that they’re not watching at all and getting their news from more reliable sources. I’m really cheered by the last one showing a strong realisation that this is a more democratic Scotland.

Finally support for independence is holding up at 40% in favour. While some of us would have hoped for higher, this suggests a solid bedrock of support in relatively bad times but which remains easily close enough for a surge to victory as further Tory mismanagement and a growing Scottish economy combine to make independence the only choice for the thinking mind.

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