UnGagged — May’s Day Celebrations

In this episode, Mark Little will be leading us in 20 seconds of hate, we’ll hear part one of The Meaning of Life according to Chuck Hamilton,  Teresa Durran will remind us that seven weeks is a long time in politics, Joe Solo talks about how optistic he is feeling in the run up to this electionRed Raiph reminds you that if you vote Tory, you’re a Tory, Artist Taxi Driver shares his poem on the zombification of Britain, Nick Durie discusses “nationalism” in the UK, and Victoria Pearson asks people to think carefully before throwing the vulnerable people under the Brexit bus.

Neil Scott will be giving us a short reprieve from the election by talking about the red Elvis, Debra Torrance talks Scelection scelectrix and playground politics, Steve McAuliiffe gives us a #fakenews Conservative party political broadcast, Eric Joyce draws parallels between May’s brexit mandate and Scotland’s independence mandate, George Collins discusses his part in the struggle, Simone Charlesworth talks about staying engaged in politics, despite voter fatigue, and why the Scots are the most political aware country in the UK, Mara Leverkuhn talks about the importance of nagging with people outside of your echo chamber, Derek Stewart Macpherson gives us the Hitchhikers Guide to Local Elections,  and we have an Independence Live interview with Roza Salih and Euan Girvan.

With music from Joe Solo, XSLF, Marshall Chipped, Pilgrims, Roy Møller, Steve White and the Protest Family, Thee Concerned Citizens, The Hurriers, The Tuts, The Exiles, The Cundeez, Gerry Mulvenna, Wilde Sammon, and Dean Reed.



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Had that dream again…wrote a poem.

There are certain cobwebs that just cannot be reached
And as I wake from dreaming you’re back here among the sheets
Over years the dream it changes as the mind rewinds
Memories that first were scathing turn into something kind
Young love is strewn with flowers bright as early morn
But some flowers like the roses also come with thorns
And upon those thorns we get pierced and we see a little blood
But time is like a plaster that mends you back to love
And now that both our lives are fine and strangers we remain
You remember only good things so it wasn’t all in vain
There are certain cobwebs that just cannot be reached
They dance and stir upon the air they rest on memories beach
Some cobwebs are for keeping
To snagged on when you’re sleeping
And I send you my love
With a laugh and a smile and a shove

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But within Onyx is white


She hears the howling of the footsteps

Whose pattering cries but hers

And all she has is the sea and the noise of night


No swoon of shame, no circular light

coconut sheen on a body of onyx white

The noise of the sea and the noise of might


It is under her beats a shuffle of cotton weighted

Who coarse orchestra is a movement white

like the noise she owns and ready sea


Little grey feet, little stocking miles meets

on mental shores and physical mores

As he makes the noise and she owns the sea

.As she owns his voice she enters him

Within the onyx is white in streams weeping

An ocean simple and yet seething

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I do not like him or his hair

I do not like his angry glare

Or riding on a Camel hump

I do not like that Donald Trump

I do not like his orange face

His policies are a disgrace

I do not like his suit and tie

I do not like his beady eyes

He’s about as smart as Forest Gump

I do not like that Donald Trump

I do not like his fascist chums

And his crazy views on the Muslims

I do not like his tiny hands

I do not like for what he stands

I do not like the things he says

Or where on women his hand lays

He is the chief of all the chumps

I do not like that Donald Trump.

I do not like his Mexican wall

To make them pay takes some gall

He moans about the fake news

I hope it’s giving him the blues

You can only ask him stuff he likes

Just like Hitler and his Third Reich

Get rid of him I do beseech

This president we should impeach

With climate change he’ll do the trees in

He’s not afraid of committing treason

In the bin he should be dumped

I do not like that Donald Trump.

I do not like his nuclear expansion

While living in a gilded mansion

He’s got his hand upon the button

His face is like a cut of mutton

I do not like his Stepford wives

Just look at her she has no live

This man child he is a bully

A simpleton with brain so woolly

This bad man he is a racist

He sees the colour in our faces

He treats women like they are strumpets

He grabs a leg and then he’ll hump it

This planet really took a slump

When they elected Donald Trump.


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Ah Sh*te Ma Breeks!





Nigel is thinking about trying out some different looks. He found the monocle* in the ‘Lost and Found Box’, which he renamed ‘Nigel’s Prop Box’. FT 😛

*He’s wearing a monocle because the ink smeared in panel 2. I call that artistic license**

**Artistic license means laziness***

***Laziness means I didn’t feel like redrawing and re-inking it****

****It means the comic 🙂

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A lunch at the fringe

EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL 7th to 31st August 2015
Assembly Rooms, George Street, Edinburgh, Studio 2, 6-30 August 1.30pm
My review of a great lunchtime show to catch
The Last Laugh is an interesting piece, mixing very black humour with sarcastic relationship drama.
On entering the theatre you are met with a film tribute of one Eddie Butler, the main character (played by Keir McAllister) whose career is the main theme of the production.
After a successful tour of a mysoginistic show Eddie returns to Edinburgh Fringe with a follow-up, at which an obviously pro-feminist member of the audience Grace (played by up and coming Stand-up Larah Bross) gets up and interrupts his performance, whiplashing him with her tongue she proceeds to walk out. Eddie, in an attempt to retrieve the situation explains what he is about and persuades her to sit down again.
The whole show thereafter revolves around the professional and personal relationship of Eddie and Grace.
The egoistic battle between the mysoginist and the feminist culminates in the roles being switched. Eddie becomes the underdog and Grace achieves worldwide fame.
The characters of Eddie and Grace as protrayed by Keir McAllister and Larah Bross are brought to life very cleverly. You can easily recognise and have a laugh at the slightly run down jaded Eddie and the ambitious rampant feminist Grace.
It is a masterfully put together work which by combining the topics of femnism and mysoginy with the social politics of being a comedian or comedienne at the Edinburgh Fringe creates a very dark satirical humorous drama.
The creative risks taken in putting together The Last Laugh have worked superbly it is an extremely well written drama that is worth watching.
Throughout the month of August 7th – 31st August I have a few shows to catch.
As I really would like to share a flavour of the Festival Fringe from the perspective of someone who lives in the city I will be out and about on a daily basis, reviewing some of the shows, catching some of the street performance and the market city variety that goes on each year I will also be visiting some of the international eateries and places to stay in the city.
I hope to be posting something every day of what is happening. On the Scotland Positive Page on Facebook, my wordpress blog:  www.aworldofcontemplation.wordpress.com or www.leithunique.wordpress.com, and on Twitter @leithunique.
It will be wonderful for me if I can inspire a visit or visits to Edinburgh.
So here’s the first bit of information:  There are over 8000 performers from all over the world in Edinburgh this year.
There are so many festivals going on, the Fringe programme itself is more like a catalogue than a programme and it is quite difficult to choose what to go to.
I would love some feedback on what I post.
Hope everyone enjoys what I present.

Tales from the Southside Part 6 – Beautiful Cosmos

The latest addition to the Art Village family in Shawlands is the vintage clothing shop, Beautiful Cosmos, which takes over the Creation Space every Saturday (plus occasional Fridays and Sundays).


I spoke to Flore DeHoog, the owner, a couple of weeks ago (Yes, I know I’ve been slow writing this up – it’s been the summer holidays) to ask how a Dutch DJ ended up selling vintage clothing in Glasgow. She explained that she had studied Art & Education in Holland, before coming to The School of Art around eight years ago to complete a Textiles degree, after which she remained in the west end as a freelance textile designer.


Her love of vintage clothing resulted in her working at the Glasgow Vintage Company. However, she finally saw sense and moved to the south side (yup, I’m biased, deal with it). She spent some time working at the Glad Rags thrift shop, which gave her the idea to set up Beautiful Cosmos. Despite all our artisan coffee shops, there has been a dearth of vintage shops in the area.photo 3-002


The shop first opened in November 2014, to a great response. Fleur was keen to make visiting the shop an experience, and used her musical connections to ensure there was regular live music. Artists who performed there have included Stevie Jackson, from Belle & Sebastian, Alasdair Roberts, and Honey and the Herbs. I’m pleased that this is something she plans to continue to do in this new location.


So, why the move to Art Village? It was simple, she replies, the old shop was just too quiet in the week. Rachel from Glad Rags, played business matchmaker, and suggested she speak to Patrick, who was pleased to help out. Part of the Art Village’s remit is to support local small businesses, plus attracting a new demographic to the galleries is never a bad thing.photo 2-002


So the deal was done, and for part of every weekend the Creation Space is transformed into a snug vintage shop. It’s great, you still get to see the art in the gallery, but there is a completely different energy to the space, including a steady crowd of bargain-hunting vintage fans of both genders. And yes, there is a hipster element, and some truly magnificent beards have been spotted in the vicinity.photo 1-002