Tory Advent: Day 9

December 9, 2017

By Simone Charlesworth - Scotland

Gove has been spouting off again. Bullshitting pretty much as he did during the Leave campaign.

His latest is that the British people will be able to change the terms of Brexit if they don’t like it.

Fuck sake, how? This is supposed to be an intricate diplomatic deal. There will be no change in the terms. It’s a take it or leave it.

Remember May said she needed an election to strengthen her hand in talks – remember how well that went. The EU doesn’t care what proportion of the UK public support its Government, what they care about is getting the best deal for their people.

What Gove means is a rejection of any deal with the EU.

He talks of future governments not being tired by current agreements – which is true, but going into negotiations stating that you don’t have to keep to them doesn’t seem very trustworthy.


He wants a Brexit without environmental, consumer and working standards. He wants the UK out before the new regulations of tax avoidance comes in.

He’s not about helping the UK public, he sucks up to power – which he currently sees as Trump.

He’s happy for us to be sold off to the US, our health service, our food standards. It won’t affect him. He has money but the person on the street – their lives will be worse.

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