Tory Advent: Day 10

December 10, 2017

By Simone Charlesworth - Scotland

This is not doing my blood pressure any good. I pretty much have a low-level rage constantly simmering at what’s happening to this country but actively looking for the thing that pisses me off most each day about them is increasing my stress levels.

Today’s “winner” was finding out that the situation over Grenfell Tower has got to the stage where the Equality and Human Rights Commission has decided that it needs to do its own enquiry.

They are to determine whether the government and local council fulfilled their obligations to to protect their citizens.

The commission has said

The Grenfell Tower fire caused catastrophic loss of life for which the state may have been responsible. More than 70 people died in homes managed by the state. They should have been safe and they were not. The people who died and others affected by the fire come from diverse backgrounds. They include children, elderly people, disabled people and migrants.

The fire took place on June 14th, we’re now 4 days short of it being six months ago.



May said the tenants would be rehoused within three weeks at the latest; 23 weeks after that deadline line 4 out of 5 are still waiting.

I only hope the ERHC are more transparent than the official enquiry because after this government’s history – especially after the farce that is the CSA enquiry – I don’t have much trust in them.

The only thing this government cares about re the housing market is inflating it. Time and time again, it’s actions only increase house prices and support landlords rather than tenants.

Homelessness and poverty has increased dramatically; large-scale charities are being set up to pick up the pieces that should be covered by the welfare state. My main objection to these organisations (and their over paid executives) is that they shouldn’t exist in the first place!

And as for celebrities that try to excuse their tax avoidance by charity work just fuck off. Instead of guilt-tripping the less well off to donate on top of paying their taxes why don’t you pay your share.

I’m sure we’d all like to choose where our money goes, but we don’t get the option on PAYE. Personally I would be over the moon knowing my taxes didn’t support Trident or trips for ministers to go see the latest favoured despot to encourage the arms trade.

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