Scottish government to invest over £5 million in cutting-edge research

February 8, 2018

By John Robertson - Scotland

‘An investment of over £5million will bolster the work of one of Europe’s most cutting-edge research and innovation facilities. The funding from the Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise will support the second phase of work of the Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics (FhCAP) in Glasgow. The non-profit centre specialises in photonics, or laser technology, and FhCAP is the innovation catalyst at the core of Scotland’s £740m-a-year photonics community.’

This is another in a series of Scottish Government initiatives to promote and support the Scottish economy. Much of this goes un-reported by our media. Here are some earlier examples reported here in the last year or so:

Scottish Government pledges £60 million to maintain its confirmed UK and European lead in low-carbon innovation but BBC Scotland News reports unsubstantiated rumours that ‘Budget cuts ‘could damage Scotland’s climate change ambitions’’

Scottish Government to spend £600 million on Superfast broadband for rural areas

British Ecological Society praises Scottish Government for enabling ‘a unique opportunity to closely link policy to research’

Two Fife companies revive Soviet Space technology to provide clean water for 100 000 people in Pakistan using Scottish Government grant

Aberdeen’s National Hyperbaric Centre to double income in one year as Scottish Government invests £1 million in a second facility

Actually, these are from only the last three months. If you have time to read more, search the blog for ‘Government’ and you’ll get dozens more.

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