In Praise of the Apathetic, the Brain Dead and the Bigots

September 8, 2017

By Auld Acquaintance

One might have thought that with all the relative positivity about Scotland recently in the face of the dire news coming from all across the Unionists camp that Scottish voters in 2 council wards in Glasgow Cardonald and Fortissat North Lanarkshire might feel encouraged to vote in numbers and positively in their local bye elections yesterday.
Unfortunately that seems not to be the case. In Cardonald a meagre 23% turned out and in Fortissat not much better at 30%

At the end of the day Labour were absolutely thrilled as they won both. Cardonald was a seat held and Fortissat a Gain from the Conservatives. The Labour resurgence continues, or so it would seem.

Lets have a look at the Cardonald result first..
In May the SNP had most of the first preference votes in this seat but lost out in the vote transfer, so they may have felt they stood a reasonable chance of taking the seat this time…and they certainly put a fair bit of work into trying to do so in the run up.
What happened instead was the following.

Labour 48.6% (+10.1)
SNP 36.7% (-7.5)
Conservatives 10.3% (-1.7)
Greens 2.7% (+0.2)
Liberal Democrats 1.5% (n/a)
Scottish Libertarians 0.2% (n/a)

That is a swing of 8.8% from SNP to Labour
Labour HOLD


Labour 38.5% (+2.0)
A Better Britain – Unionist 23.3% (+12.2)
SNP 20.6% (-8.4)
Conservatives 11.5% (-1.8)
Independent – Cefferty 5.0% (-5.1)
Greens 0.7% (n/a)
UKIP 0.5% (n/a)

That is a swing of 5.2% from SNP to Labour
Labour GAIN from Conservative

SNP lost 7.5% of its vote in Cardonald and 8.4% of its vote in Fortissat so the question is where did that lost vote go?
In Cardonald it could have conceivably transferred over directly to Labour with returning former Labour voters as labour increased their vote by 10%
In Fortissat that is definetly not the case because Labour only increased their vote by 2%
What we see in Fortissat is an entirely different picture because the SNP were beaten into 3rd place… the Better Britain Unionist Party!
WHO?? Yes I know, I hadn’t a Scooby who that was? I had to Google them to find out.
In any case they increased their vote by a whopping 12.2% giving them 23.3% of the vote.
Well the missing SNP vote certainly didn’t go to them!
This did have at least one Labour MP crowing with delight at that result.
The Conservatives who had previously won this ward only dropped 1.5% of their vote and that is despite the scandal of their previous winning paper candidate refusing to take up his seat!
Indeed with All the scandal and allegations of fraud and misappropriation of £20million being aimed at the previous Labour leadership and the shouts of Cover UP at the stitched up current Labour/Conservative coalition one does wonder at the electorate in this area voting as they have.

With only a pitiful 23% turn out at Cardonald, voter apathy seems to be the main culprit, and certainly a bit of disillusionment with the SNP given their loss of votes across the board at the General Election. There is no real evidence that Labour are generally making gains on them, but rather the SNP falling back. This cannot have helped any by the constant bickering which has been going on within the YES movement in recent times not the SNP failing to Inspire until very recently.

The more worrying aspect is the seemingly gain in confidence by the Bigots and Racists in Scotland which have been Inspired by and given voice by the Torys. They now feel that it is perfectly ok to express these views and it is Societally acceptable so they are becoming more brazen and confident in spreading and expressing their Bile. Our Media must take their share in the blame for encouraging them by not taking the Torys to task and Indeed actively promoting Ruth Davidson and her party full of racist bigots.
We need to put a Stop to this fast, and being apathetic is not the answer!

Going back to this Better Britain Unionist party in Fortissat, who are they and what do they stand for?
founded in December 2015 by activists from the Better Together campaign it is against Devolution and sees it as the slow road to Separation, and is vehemently opposed to any further Independence referendums ever.
It has called for both the British and Scottish parliaments to work together to pursue closer union. In addition to this, it proposes several pro-UK cultural policies such as flying the Union Flag from every Council Building.It has also called for Trident & Faslane Naval Base to be retained at their current location. It is Pro Brexit, Anti EU and Anti Single Market.

“it is equally important that the government recognises that the Brexit vote showed many peoples’ discontent with the broad trend of globalisation and the move towards a world of open borders and all that comes with it: multinationals, mass immigration, and so on. These are genuine concerns and must shape the path that we forge following our exit from the European Union. It is time that voices within the pro-Brexit camp began to emerge which could make the case for a more balanced approach to trade, recognising the place for both free trade, and where appropriate, measured protectionist policies. This was historically the British way, and we ought to consider pursuing it once again.”

Unlike some of their fellow Unionists they hold some left of center views too. Their candidate here was a former Labour man and had this to say ” It’s also a good unionist ward; the SNP only took one seat out of four here in May, so they know their nationalist agenda isn’t wanted.”
Unlike the other Unionist parties, he was well known as he actually stayed in the area all his life. So a mix of left and unadulterated Unionism here.

So there we have it…. All in all a disappointing night with Apathy the biggest winner and encouragement for the Unionists the Racists and the bigots…

Report Card: Must do much better and cut out the carping and knuckle down to more effort.

You can read more from Auld Acquaintance at his website

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