Labour are still the Red Tories not socialist warriors

February 1, 2018

By Grumpy Scottish Man - Scotland




I have been trolled, slated, and even pulled up by an SNP member for continuing with calling Labour the Red Tories. The Guardian published research today that shows

A Labour Government would reverse less than 22% of the proposed Tory cuts still to come, most of these cuts from working families or families with disabilities and children.


Richard Leonard, branch manager of Scottish Labour, bemoans SNP bad at every turn for the Government not taxing more to reverse Tory cuts, but if Labour ever make it into Government he will be shouting for the SNP to mitigate Labour cuts.


Grant Costello said today of Labour ” A party not fit for Government, not fit for opposition, not fit for purpose “, how right he is. And let’s not forget this Scottish Labour bunch





Thankfully many are gone now but Anus Sarwar is still there and many of them do the rounds of Scottish Unionist anti SNP media to continue their lies. Scottish Labour and Labour in general are a joke and I despise them as much as I do the Tories.

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  1. Graeme Strang

    You know, while agree with you on everything here, you do yourself (and the rest of us) a huge disservice by resorting to puerile name calling. “anus” Sarwar? Really? Are you a five year old?

    If you want taken seriously, leave the playground name-calling to the daily mail.


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