It Is Inevitable…

November 10, 2017

By MacAlba

As I sit and write this blog post, there are images of fascist thugs in Catalonia running through my mind.

Those images bring me back to the day after the independence referendum where unionist thugs were doing the same thing. 

Fast-forward a few years and we have Brexit with xenophobia at its heart.

It all points to one end.  Independence for Scotland.

No matter if you are a ‘Yesser’ or a ‘No’er’, it must be dawning on you that as the days tick by and the UK Government digs a deeper hole, a tipping point will come.

The tension in the air politically is very thick.  I can feel it and I am sure you can too.I don’t want independence to be gained the way Catalonia has gained its independence because I see what it will lead too.  Inevitably it will lead to extreme violence and potentially the loss of life.




I want Scotland to gain its independence democratically but so far the UK Government has remained firm in saying No to a second referendum.  Closer to home we have elected MSPs also saying the same thing.  We have Brexit impact papers related to Scotland being kept secret, we have EVEL, we have Tory corruption, we have ‘sex scandals’ in Westminster and we have a controlled MSM that only allows certain information out and truths disguised as ‘false’.

If the UK Government does not give Scotland its devolved powers post Brexit and it does not release the impact papers showing the damage to Scotland, the people will demand independence when their way of life takes a turn for the worst.  We will see a shift in opinion in Scotland to greater than 50% for independence and the Scottish Government may be forced to declare independence on the back of the Scottish Elections in 2021.

Declaring UDI is appealing to some, and the thought has gone through my head too that its right, but for the country to maintain some form of economic stability and friendliness with England, Wales and NI, Scotland should seek to do it democratically in the form of a second referendum, however, i fear it just won’t be allowed to happen.  If it is allowed, it will likely be under different terms such as a 2/3 majority.

Even if we are ‘allowed’ a second referendum, if it goes to ‘Yes’, are we honestly saying that unionists won’t be out with their arms in the air, adored with Nazi insignia?

Scotland must think deeply and thoroughly about how it wants to achieve independence, and all those for the union must realise that they are complicit in the potential for it to turn ‘unfriendly’ as has happened in Catalonia by standing firm and denying democracy.

Democracy is fluid.  It should always be encouraged.  When we vote for a Government, we can change our minds and vote them out.  If we vote ‘No’ to independence we can change our minds and vote ‘Yes’.  Things change, the UK has changed. Scotland must change.

All of this mess is pointing to one inevitable outcome, it’s the terms of that outcome that must be managed and carefully considered.

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  1. S Stewart

    All good until you got to the 2021 election bit. Any minute now, we’re going to be bombarded with negative articles and comments about Holyrood and how the devolution experiment just isn’t working, how much money is being wasted by having it, and wouldn’t it be cheaper just to not have one? As soon as the UK leaves the EU, Westminster will move fast and hard to shut down Holyrood or hobble it so that it is rendered useless. Therefor, we must go for indy before March 2019.


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