Getting it out

August 29, 2017

By Simone Charlesworth

Where do you start? It feels like the world is going to hell in a handcart and yet the most important things to some politicians is a fucking bell. There’s no governance only distraction.

So a few brief thoughts on recent events/commentary before my head explodes…

May is fucking useless but Johnson/Gove/Hammond/Davies/Rees-Mogg(!) would be worse.

Brexit is still ridiculous and getting worse – the idea of it, how it is being implemented – or not, which is probably a better description. You wouldn’t believe there’s a time limit on this the way the UK government are acting.

As for having Big Ben chime the UK out – give me a fucking break.

Ruth Davidson is a hypocrite – it’s all very well joining in calling out Trump but she doesn’t involve herself in the investigation of far right posts by Stirling Tory Councillors who are then re-admitted to the party. One is bad enough but 2 is not carelessness.

Having an aircraft carrier that has no aircraft is not a sign of Britain’s sea power or Empire 2.0 *rolls eyes* It does however show up how ridiculous this country is. The closest we’ve got to a British plane landing on it is a civilian drone and no one on board noticed!

Loss of privilege is NOT oppression.

Just because same-sex marriage is legal it doesn’t mean it is compulsory nether does it have any effect on anyone else’s marriage (unless practicing bigamy.)

The only person with rights over a woman’s body is her.

Hitting Nazis is acceptable and indeed desirable. Once someone crosses that line they are beyond rational debate. There is no fence-sitting on this issue, there’s no such thing as a moderate Nazi. I can’t believe this is even a debate in 2017.

Jeremy Hunt may be the longest-serving Health Secretary but it doesn’t stop him being a privatising wanker. And what kind of dick thinks he knows better than Professor Hawking on how data is peer-reviewed?

The only thing that come close to freaking me out more than President Trump is President Pence.

And to finish, Masato Beanies (you should follow them – they are good people) have been doing a daily homelessness alphabet. It’s had me thinking about the subject more – rather than just that it’s bad and shouldn’t be happening in what is supposedly one the richest countries in the world. Also buy one of their badges or bags, or knit a scarf.

featured Image: Pexels

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