Colonel Tankstraddler and her minion

October 2, 2017

By Grumpy Scottish Man

So Ruth Davidson MSP, and the real Governor General of the northern colony Scotland, speaks at the Conservative old age people’s Conference in Manchester.

Ruthie got into SNP bad mode really quickly, of course with a huge dollop of delusion, or was that shit, same thing really in Ruthies world when she said when talking about campaigning in Scotland  “this time people were looking for a serious alternative to a nationalism that had let down our schools and was more concerned with division than delivery”.  On Brexit she said that “It’s time we in this party made it clear –  that we’re not Leavers or Remainers anymore – we’re just Brits”. I think she meant English but it was being shown on the telly so better to play it safe because saddos like me watch this shit when we have the time. On the union she of course talked even more rubbish, ” to stay one United Kingdom. By being a nation that realises the ambitions of everyone in this country. Because of the leadership of this party – our Union is known the world over as a Union of choice, not of force “. I think she has been smoking some of the stuff she has been shovelling, she even took credit for “more civil service jobs coming to my constituency in central Edinburgh. The fantastic new V+A museum rising up in Dundee”. Brass and neck come to mind. That was about it for her speech, nothing there, but we already know that don’t we.

It then got really weird, ok, more weird than a Tory Conference is on a Monday normally, Minion Mundell got up to speak and the lies came thick and fast, the shit became something like a bad curry on a Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Minion spoke for 17 minutes to a near empty hall, but then they all speak to near empty halls at a Tory Conference, well until they bus in the Labour members from Liverpool to swell the attendance up a little. Anyway Minion spoke about the “majority of people not wanting another independence referendum and how Theresa stopped it when she said now is not the time, the message that most Scots wanted to hear, the message that secured our comeback. He kissed Colonel Tankstraddlers arse , he said “the Tories were back and about our remarkable union, about how weary people in Scotland are of the SNP and how the Tories are the party of the future”. He obviously lost the memo that showed the SNP won the most seats, the most votes of any single party and oh won the Holyrood election, but hey don’t let truth get in the way of a good lie. Minion went on to say that the election showed ” how out of touch the SNP were with Scotland “, he did really say that lol.

He then went on to slag off the NHS, the Schools, house building and the economy in Scotland, it’s all shit because of the SNP. He also banged on about the next referendum, slagged off Pete Wishart and I pretty much gave up at that point as Mundell is a dick and I had enough of hearing that 2014 settled the independence question, no it f didn’t, the Scottish Tory servants are in for a huge surprise.

So basically I lost a bit over an hour and a half of my life listening to a lot of bollocks, the Tories are just full of crap, talk nothing but crap, and revel in the punishment and misery of the poorest and most vulnerable.

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