When is Big Ben More Important than Scotland?

August 20, 2017

By MacAlba

I have found myself asking myself this question recently as i suspect many of you have also asked yourselves.

The answer may surprise you, on the other hand it may not.  Big Ben and Scottish Independence are very much interconnected and the importance of one certainly outweighs the importance of the other. 

The difference is though that one relates to a pile of bricks and a few thousand pieces of metal, whereas the other relates to the welfare and progress of an entire country.


Theresa May has been fairly vocal this past couple of days about how Big Ben being silent for 4 years is a national outrage, so much so that it’s now under review as she joined a ‘national chorus’ of fellow MP’s

Mrs May said: “Of course we want to ensure people’s safety at work but it can’t be right for Big Ben to be silent for four years.

“And I hope that the Speaker, as the chairman of the House of Commons commission, will look into this urgently so that we can ensure that we can continue to hear Big Ben through those four years.”

So the UK PM makes the point known, to Parliament that it’s not right Big Ben is silenced for four years, but it’s OK for Scotland to be silenced for 300 years?

David Davis jumped into the fray with the below statement:

The Prime Minister’s demand was backed by Brexit Secretary David Davis who said stopping the chimes was “mad” as he dismissed health and safety concerns linked to the clock tower’s restoration and urged the estate’s authorities to “just get on with it”.

David Davis is telling the workers to ‘just get on with it’.  The reason the bell must be removed is to protect the hearing of the workers, David!

Big Ben ‘bongs’ at 118 decibels.

Anything above 115 decibels should not be heard for more than 30 seconds.  So at 118 decibels, Big Ben should not be heard for more than 15 seconds.

But David Davis says ‘just get on with it’.

Big Ben is clearly a national monument of the elite in London and likely a national monument to many others down south, but the Prime Minister wading into the argument to not have it silenced…really?

She cannot publically condemn Trump, but Big Ben, now thats a different kettle of fish – its in the ‘National Interest’.

Gary Lineker sums this up quite well!

So how does this relate to Scottish Independence? This comment from one of the above articles helps illustrate my point…

Yes, it is only the sound of the bells as some people state. BUT….. It is a little piece of being British that is being unnecessarily stopped for a trivial reason that could easily be remedied.

Big Ben is a little piece of being British that is being stopped for a ‘trivial reason’.  Britain at all costs!

Well, I will agree with this comment in as far as it’s British, and then I appositely say…

When a whole country can be ignored by a Prime Minister, the UK Parliament and the Brexit Secretary, yet an inanimate object made of bricks and mortar gets a stronger voice across these islands…you can keep your British identity and I will keep my Scottish identity.

Let’s hope the next time we do hear Big Ben that it’s from our own country through an independent media as an independent nation where our elected representatives are in London discussing how to divide all the UK and Commonwealth assets with an independent Scotland!

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  1. jdman

    Why put traffic cones out when those guys are resurfacing the roads, let them get on with it I say, stop putting up traffic restrictions because you think you shouldnt get run over, GET ON WITH IT!

  2. Hazel Kennon

    My life will not change if I never hear the bong again as I am sure most people’s will not


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