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May 6, 2017

By Simone Charlesworth

I’ve now mostly worked through my “What the actual FUCK” reaction to Tory gains in the council elections.

It’s understandable though, I mean there’s a Tory in Ravenscraig now. The last impact they made there looked like this:


So seeing as the BBC can’t work out that 425 to 431 is a gain of 6 not a loss of 7, I’m going with the results reported by  Scotland Elects.

2012 2017
SNP 425 (+62) 431 (+6)
Labour 394 (+46) 262 (-132)
Conservative 115 (-28) 276 (+161)
LibDem 71 (-95) 67 (-4)
Green 14 (+6) 19 (+5)
Other 196 172 (-24)

(If I get time tomorrow I am going to satisfy my inner nerd and collate the actual votes)

The last Scottish Council elections were 2 years into the Tory/LibDem coalition, and it looks like the LibDems in Scotland lost seats for that (as they did UK wide) Their much vaunted “fight-back” still does not seem to have materialised.

Since then we’ve had IndyRef and Labour went into coalition with the Tories (along with the LibDems, UKIP, Orange Order, NF etc), now I don’t know about you but I’m seeing a pattern here. You work with the Tories and they vacuum up your votes.

In the meanwhile someone needs to take Kezia’s drugs away from her. I’m not sure what she’s smoking but the woman is delusional.

She lost 30% of her councillors and says there’s a backlash against the SNP!

The Tories have had an increase, but still are a distant second, 155 seats behind the SNP. Yet listening to the media spin you’d think Ruth Davidson was about to be crowned Queen of Scots….oh.


The Greens got an increase. I would have hoped for more; for them to have taken more progressive voters from Labour but maybe there aren’t that many left.

So an increase in seats and also increase in the number of “largest party” for the SNP. Not bad for a party 10 years in government and under the Single Transferable Vote system, which unlike First Past The Post makes it difficult to get an overall majority.

Yet the media is portraying this as a bad day for the SNP. Honestly I think the party leadership will be quite happy with this level of “failure.”

It’s amazing how coming second in Scotland is seen as amazing, but first meh – not so much.

We won’t know who gets to run the councils for the next few days, there’s bargaining to be done.  SNP have said categorically that they won’t work with the Tories and I’m hoping for our sake (and theirs to be frank) that Labour will do the same.

It appears that the trend in Scotland has been for Tory gains to come from Labour voters, which is strange because in England it was UKIP that was absorbed. I suppose it’s served its purpose down there, normalising extreme policies that the Tories couldn’t risk pushing themselves. Farage has swanned off, Nuttal will be the fall guy and eventually all the sheep will return to their Tory fold to be rewarded.

So, who are some of these shites reptiles Tories who have been voted in? (Hat tip to David Aitchison who did an excellent – if scary – thread highlighting these now elected councillors.)

Firstly there’s Kathleen Leslie from Fife, who works with children with special needs (no I don’t understand how someone in that field could be a Tory either) She called the First Minister a “drooling hag” so presumably is okay with similar “banter” in return. (That doesn’t mean you should do it – higher moral ground etc)

Then there’s Ron McKail who posted Britain First & Islamaphobic posts. Lovely chap.


Ian James in Perthshire praised Enoch Powell and called the First Minister a “poison dwarf” He also thinks “African-American” is a “stupid politically correct euphemism”.

I found a picture of him – he’s the looker on the left.


Next up is Neill Graham, he called Nelson Mandela a terrorist and was named in a BNP members list, which could happen to anybody I suppose. O.o

Todd Ferguson doesn’t appear to think EU nationals should have an opinion or be candidates. Maybe this is Tory policy? Ex-MSP Christian Allard faced “casual racism” after querying Alexander Burnett MSP financial interests.

Following him is David Wilson who asked gay councillors to ‘out’ themselves during a debate to  consider a £500 donation supporting the local LGBT group for International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. He believed that flying a flag on an annual basis was ‘plenty’.

Then there is ex-Ukipper Donald Gatt, in Moray, said that poor people shouldn’t have kids. He especially didn’t like the policy of free school meals for P1 – 3.

And finally another ex-Kipper Euan Blockley who only moved to the Tories because UKIP wouldn’t put him top of their regional list for Holyrood. Well, that’s mature.

Lovely people each and every one, I’m sure they’ll be great representatives in their respective local areas. In fact I hope their constituents visit them with every problem they get.

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  1. Jean Slessor

    They do have all the characteristics that it takes to be a Tory, sorry UKIP, sorry BNP! Vote one, get two free! Go figure!


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