• Is Anti-Scottish Racism a Thing? May 21, 2017 “Scotland’s not a race… is it koz I is ginger?” The funny thing about racial difference is that it is neither genetic nor biological. Race based on colour is an arbitrary construct, used to fabricate social difference in relation to power. Yesterday in the post ‘Why Don’t You Fuck Off Back to Scotland’ this blog examined the incident in a Somerset school where a Conservative MP, James Heappey, told a sixth form girl to go back to her own country. It was an open display of a growing sentiment in England towards Scots who refuse to tow the unionist political line, but it is interesting that we don’t have a more precise language for this class of prejudice. Sure, it is ... Read More
  • The Unionist Protestant Orange Order Helped Create the Labour Party In Scotland and It Has Now Destroyed It – Kezia There is Still Time to Create an Independence Alliance With the SNP May 21, 2017 Political Fun and Games Much has been made in the Unionist press and media of a resurgence in the fortunes of the Tory Party in the local Council elections. Some political pundits attribute the change to a transfer of allegiance by the Protestant Orange Order away from the Labour Party to the Tory Party which recently changed its name from The Conservative Party back to The Conservative and Unionist Party. A minor change garnering a major result. If affirmed the Labour Party voter base might deteriorate further in the General Election but  this will probably manifest in Labour voter apathy and it is unlikely any party will benefit in the short term. The polarisation of Scottish politics is now well established. The Conservative and Unionist ... Read More
  • Social care: the devil in the manifesto? May 19, 2017 Tory plans have a habit of unwinding. Think of the budgets that have failed on things like pasties, caravans and broken promises on national insurance changes. In themselves each seemed a minor issue. What they collectively did was remind people that far from being infallible, strong and stable, Tory government’s and chancellors in question were the purveyors of fragile thinking from which they were willing to retreat at the first sign of dissent. Of course I am speculating, but Theresa May’s decisions not to continue a Tory commitment to cap social care costs, and to change winter fuel allowance payments to pay for social care, have the feeling of being in the same camp. In themselves the policies can be defended. But ... Read More
  • Scotland’s Labour Pains May 19, 2017 On the day that newly elected Labour councillors in Aberdeen and in other parts of the country jumped ship to support the Tories, I met Andrew Bustard online. He’s the future of the revolution, but he’s still on the wrong side. Thanks to my recent trip into the online political forum of Tremr I had the dubious pleasure yesterday of an encounter with Coatbridge’s almost pubescent Citizen Smith; social media content creator-cum-propagandist for Scottish Labour and door-thumping campaigner for Scottish Young Labour – the Labour Party’s answer to East Germany’s Freie Deutsche Jugend – Andrew Bustard. Some UKIP supporter had posted a piece blaming the SNP for Britain’s woes on account of it not having “bothered to work with the Conservative ... Read More
  • What’s The Past Got to Do With It? | TURN LEFT and Make June the End of May May 19, 2017 According to Theresa May, and much of the broadcast and print media that support her, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party have in the last three weeks or so (through the policies they have announced and the much discussed leaked and actual Manifesto) ‘taken us back 40 years’ to the 1970’s. As many people have pointed out there was much about the seventies to applaud. In addition to many cultural references on which there will likely be much difference of opinion #GreatThingsFromThe1970s has prompted much political discussion. Here are just a few I found: Nationalised transport. Bus fare was 5p, then 9p, then privatised and went up to 32p almost overnight #GreatThingsFromThe1970s We had secure jobs + free education. Our NHS was in good ... Read More
  • Protest: Say No To Sanctions May 19, 2017   Human Rights group ‘PPR’ are to protest against benefit sanctions at noon on Monday 8th May at the Andersonstown Jobs and Benefits Office. You can get a lift to the protest from outside the PPR offices as long as you’re there for 11am.  Everyone else is asked to be at Andersonstown Jobs and Benefits Office for 12pm. If you are afraid of being sanctioned for attending the protest, the R2W group will be giving out I Daniel Blake masks. To confirm your attendance, click here Right to Work: Right to Welfare (R2W) Group are a group of unemployed people who have been campaigning since 2012 for the creation of real jobs and for protections in the social security system. Read more 205 Social Security Decision Makers ... Read More
  • Why Don’t You F*^k Off Back to Scotland? May 18, 2017 What do we learn about Tory England and its Englishness when Conservative MPs are roaring at little girls to get back to their own country? Not much. We just get to see the whole thing for what it really is: Pathetic aggressive thuggery. Verbal abuse is violence, and can often be every bit as harmful as physical violence. It is important that we are clear on this point before we proceed. James Heappey, MP for Wells in Somerset, made the headlines for telling a Scottish schoolgirl to “fuck off back to Scotland” when he visited her class because she said she would vote for independence if she was given the chance. Not a single report on this incident called this an ... Read More
  • What happened to ” Never again”? May 18, 2017 Do you remember those momentous words….” Never again will the elderly….”. Well ‘never’ has arrived and how! Triple lock goes, Winter Payments to be means tested ( which incidentally costs more than they save), but then it does mean more money for the boys! And last but by no means least the biggest shocker for Pensioners who own their own home, particularly those who have bought their own Council houses or Sheltered Housing, which in Scotland is quite high. Do read up about what is being dubbed as The Death Tax. This from the Party who said during the Scottish Referendum, vote NO to secure your future. I am so tempted to say…….’ don’t blame me I voted YES’ Today’s Pensioners both in the ... Read More
  • Truth Is Good May 18, 2017 What an interesting morning, yesterday, with a lot of political content! Watching the Victoria Derbyshire programme on BBC was definitely different, for a start.  We do not get to hear a lot around what and how debates are going in England in respect of the General Election, so yesterday morning was really just to catch up. The main reason for carrying out this research, actually, was because of the Question Time programme on Thursday 11 May, broadcast from Edinburgh which did not really reflect the arguments I thought were being debated on the ground in Scotland and that disturbed me quite a bit. I am disturbed because it would appear that realities facing the country are not being debated in any great depth.  There ... Read More
  • ‘My Day In The Council Chambers’ May 17, 2017 Today was a massive day. Today was of significant importance to myself because I had helped these councillors in all types of weather. Leafleting , canvassing and even had the occasional coffee and a bite to eat. I put my family commitments on hold. My Girlfriend and kids saw less of me each night. Today meant more to me than anything. Today at 2pm I attended the statutory meeting for the council to decide who would be leader, provost, deputy provost and most importantly, who would be in power. I felt nervous and anxious at the same time. Knowing that SNP had 11 councillors and labour 11 also. It was neck and neck. I worked out all the probabilities in ... Read More

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