Make America Grating Again 

December 8, 2017

By William Owens - usa

Remember when your parents yelled at you and your friends for slamming the screen door or not washing your hands before you grabbed something from the Fridge. “You guys are grating on my nerves!” Donald Trump is not only slamming the door on Israeli/Palestinian peace he is ripping it off the doorjamb. The President is voiding any hope of major Middle East peace today by announcing that not only is western Jerusalem the purview of Israel, but eastern Jerusalem as well. The seventy-year-old hope of the United States was that the Palestinians would agree to a peace deal with the stoppage of Israeli settlements at the east Jerusalem border.

As per usual, Donald Trump has decided to grate on the nerves of the Arab world as well as the rest of our NATO allies. Mind you this comes on the heels of the second admonishing by British Prime Minister Theresa May and the Parliament. Donald Trump retweeted some spurious and phony videos depicting craven violence by so-called ‘ Muslim extremist ’ that angered the British and set a new low for American propaganda. So, let us take a walk down memory lane. In Trump’s first few months in office, he offended Australian Prime Minister , Malcolm Turnbull , rebuffed a handshake with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and literally shoved the leader [ Dusko Markovic] of Montenegro aside to get in front of him for a picture at the NATO summit held in Brussels this past May.

Is he grating on your nerves yet…?

As a follow-up act to the embarrassing “Pocahontas” White House incident involving the Native American Code Talkers, and World War II heroes, the President has decided to  desecrate Native Land in Utah.  His domestic intrusion into our lives and sanity exhausts me more every day.

As the old joke goes, if you look up Ugly American in an encyclopedia, you will find a photo of Donald Trump’s combover. Today with Vice President Mike Pence peering over his shoulder and a portrait of George Washington looking down on them both, Mr. Trump decided to throw a virtual hand grenade into Jerusalem. He spoke of sovereignty and peace but immediately the Middle East is now on alert for widespread violence and retaliation.

As part of this move, he directed the depleted State Department to begin the plans for moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Despite the provocative illogic of this move, the President vowed to continue support of the two-state solution “if agreed to by both sides.” Sort of like, having your Babka and eating it too.

Is  that nerve getting raw yet…?

The lack of thought by the President, that can only be described as a disconnect between reality and truth, is breathtaking. I am fully in the corner of peace and independence for Israel, but one cannot help but think that the Israelis will be forced into becoming an even more occupying force for their own survival. There is the conundrum, Netanyahu is prone to distrust and occupation because he feels, maybe with cause, that Israel is only safe with the complete control of Palestine. No matter what side you are on, this is the wrong President to make such a crucial decision. Tighten the hinges on your screen door and leave the sanitizer on the counter, if not already, Trump will be grating on your nerves soon.

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