And again, continuing evidence of a strengthening Scottish economy as small claims decrees fall 55%

August 9, 2017

By Professor John Robertson

When small claims are made against businesses it means they’re in trouble in some way. It means according to the Registry Trust, that they’re failing to manage debt. So, this massive fall means that Scottish business ‘can take heart’ and that if they do need to borrow to expand they can.

As you may know from previous pieces here, the Scottish economy grew at 4 times the rate of rUK over the last quarter and:

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Scottish businesses showing signs of greater health than those in the rest of the UK

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The total value of claims fell by 55% to £7.6 million, a record low. Put it all together with the other good news you can see if you scroll down my blog over the last few months and somebody is doing something right in Scotland. Who could it be? Surely not the SNP-led administration in any way?

Scottish Government invests a further £1.5 million in offshore wind technology as our renewables energy generation booms.

Scottish Government awards 13 firms £3.5m in new grants to maintain push for growth in food and drink sales

Scottish Government invests in Glasgow’s second new distillery as Scottish Whisky sales climb toward £1 billion and Scotland produces 28% of all UK food and drink exports

Scottish Government to help create 21 000 new jobs for Edinburgh and South-East Scotland

Scottish Government to help build over 1000 low cost homes at Western Harbour in Edinburgh with £76 million loan

Scottish Government invests £9.4 million in affordable housing for the Western Isles

Scottish Government plan to approve more than 10 000 affordable new homes this year

Scottish Government grants to further boost Scotland’s food and drink industry which already produces 28% of all UK exports

I stopped looking back at 22nd June 2017. I could’ve gone on.

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