• Former active IRA member serving as Tory Party councillor May 21, 2017 A former active member of the IRA is now an active member of the Tory Party despite admitting she once celebrated the deaths of British soldiers and even civilians killed in terrorist acts: Maria Gatland – once known as Maria McGuire – is now a Conservative Party councillor in Croydon after being reelected in 2014. Ms Gatland was briefly suspended by the Tories in 2008 once her past was revealed but after an “internal investigation” she was then openly readmitted into the party. Unsurprisingly, there is no mention of the fact she was an active IRA member on the Croydon Conservatives webpage: I need hardly point out how this fact highlights the extreme hypocrisy on show by both the Tory Party and the UK press during ... Read More
  • The Conservative Causality May 15, 2017 Our political choices have real social and economic consequences. When we support parties responsible for inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering on innocent people we share in their guilt. Think before you vote. As the many government cost-saving social and economic policies – known collectively as ‘austerity’ – hit and as the effects of this austerity deepen across society there are predictable consequences. Cuts in the healthcare budget result in a decreased quality of care, a lowering of the level of general health, and an increase in the number of unnecessary deaths. Reductions in the social welfare bill make it increasingly more difficult for people relying on state welfare to make ends meet, making it more difficult to cover the basic costs ... Read More
  • Never mind the NHS – our nuclear trident submarines also run on Windows XP! May 13, 2017 Very worryingly, today the NHS was hit by a cyber attack. This is because the NHS is so underfunded that when Microsoft stopped support for Windows XP – the operating system which most NHS hospitals use – they didn’t have enough money to update their systems. Much more worryingly – our nuclear Trident submarines also run on a version of Windows XP: Which gives a whole new meaning to the blue screen of death featured image Submarine You can follow Tom on twitter at @ThomasPride    and at his webpage Prides Purge Read More
  • Fox Hunting: A Metaphor of Westminster Rule May 13, 2017 We can be upset that the fox hunting debate is only another smoke screen to cover over the hell Westminster is unleashing, but these, I argue, are not different things. This is the heart of Toryism. Theresa May has openly stated that it is her intention to permit a free vote in the Commons on the repeal of the 2004 fox hunting ban. Reaction across the United Kingdom to the prospect of the reintroduction of this blood sport was predictably swift and intense, with some commenters rightly pointing out that there has been more outrage over this issue than there has been over both the sanctions regime and the rape clause. We are, it seems, still a collection of nations of ... Read More
  • Choosing Jail Over Life On The Outside May 8, 2017 With budget cuts in place and jails getting fuller by the day, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would rather be behind bars than live life on the outside, but sadly that is what is happening on a global scale. Adults who have committed crimes and been released from prison are making conscious decisions to go back behind bars rather than to live their life in freedom. To these people, a life locked up is safer than being alone and out on the streets. Life outside prison can be turbulent to those without the correct support system in place. This can cause confusion, fear and ultimately lead some back on the path towards crime just so they find safety once again. You may ... Read More
  • UN Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights to Investigate Welfare Reforms May 7, 2017 The United Nation’s Committee on the Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) announced on Wednesday there will be an inquiry regarding  how the UK government has “ensured austerity measures … do not disproportionately affect, in particular, disadvantaged and marginalised individuals and groups”. This inquiry will address more than 30 topics on a very broad remit and include questions on the gender pay gap, youth unemployment, migrant workers and asylum seekers and trade union rights, with a focus on establishing whether the reforms have had a disproportional impact on lone parents, children and disabled people and also, whether the tax credit cuts will leave people without an adequate standard of living. The Committee will also investigate what steps are being taken ... Read More
  • This is an election where the future of British democracy will be decided, and it’s not looking good May 4, 2017 I know enough about paranoia to not use the term lightly. For a genuine sufferer it is a ghastly and disabling condition. And there’s no sign that Theresa May is paranoid even if she does like to give the impression that  everyone is out to get her. She’s not paranoid because that’s true: opposition political parties are opposing her. And the EU is determined that the UK should pay a high price for Brexit. In both cases that their job. It is what they are required to do. What is afflicting May is something much more significant. I guess it’s best called mendacity. What she, quite inappropriately, believes is that these people are sabotaging her, and the UK, when all they have done is ... Read More
  • The-west-coast-of-scotland-a-land-and-sea-nuclear-death-zone-the-real-reason-the-unionists-are-desperate-to-hang-on-to-scotland-part2 – This is heartbreaking May 3, 2017 Scotland – Beautiful above – but deadly below and at sea The Westminster government handed the USA large areas of Scotland’s mainland, islands and maritime areas forming part of a long term lease lend scheme ensuring the UK would be provided with nuclear weapons at an advantageous price. Weapons currently include the Trident and around 200 nuclear warheads. Successive Westminster governments routinely claim the weapons systems provide the UK with an independent nuclear deterrent but this is not the case since all systems fall under the control of the USA at all times and as such their use could never be authorised by a UK Prime minister. The fore-going begs the question, why the hell do we have them?       It is  fact that the US ... Read More
  • Sophie Long and that tweet April 30, 2017   COMMUNICATION is a wonderful thing.  Whether it’s through talking, listening, writing or sharing views on social networks.  Literature has the power to ignite thoughts, it can comfort us or make us angry.  But most of all, it educates us. Words have started wars and ended them.  The quote ‘jaw jaw is better than to war war’ was said by the great Winston Churchill.  Journalist David McKittrick said the late Martin McGuinness made the switch from war war to jaw jaw. McGuinness’ passing has provoked much debate surrounding his legacy. Much has been said about McGuinness’ past.  We’ve watched, listened and read a range of people expressing their views.  Everyone has the right to their opinion.  Many, and rightly so have been angered ... Read More
  • Stop calling Intolerance “Populism” It Isn’t. April 24, 2017 noun: fascism (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practices.   noun: populism Support for the concerns of ordinary people. I’ve put the definitions of the two words, as you’ll find them in the dictionary, above. The reason I’ve done this is I worry about a future situation where we say to ourselves…Perhaps the biggest mistake we made was calling those with fascist leanings populist…as I’m herded into a camp for being a dissenter. The Dutch election results are in and Geert Wilder’s far right Party for Freedom failed to live up to supporters’ expectations in a closely-watched Dutch general election. All through the election his party was referred to as “populist” Their key manifesto point is a ban on Islam and zero immigration ... Read More

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