Some Helpful Mental Health Organizations in the UK

February 22, 2019

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With a mind to support those who might need mental health support, we’ve decided to put together a post which collates some mental health organisations which might be able to help.

Is there free mental health help available in the UK?

There are a number of organisations which provide free mental health support to people in the UK.

What Organisations provide free mental health help in the UK?


Samaritans main focus area is to help out those who are thinking about committing suicide. It is a charity started by Chad Varah in 1953, who realized the need of helping suicidal people after curating the funeral of a fourteen-year-old girl who committed suicide confusing her menstruation to be a sexually transmitted disease. Soon after, he started looking for volunteers by placing ads to help out those who are planning to commit suicide. Today, Samaritans has 201 branches all over UK and Ireland with more than 21,000 volunteers and 130 employees listening to people who reach out to them via phone, email, and letters or in person. With the increasing number of people who need their help, Samaritans introduced a new technology called Connect which allowed them to receive 4,391 more calls a month, 3% more emails, and 8% more text messages. Mental health and drug related issues can often intertwine, and therefore drug rehab addresses mental health concerns.

Mind Infoline:

Mind Infoline was established in 1946 with a sole purpose of spreading knowledge about mental health related conditions and laws. They offer phone helpline services and provides their callers with confidential help and legal information on mental health related queries. Since last year, there has been 61,862 queries answered by helplines and 390,307 people using Mind services in England and Wales. There offerings also include running campaigns for legislation, health services, employment, and the protection of legal rights as well as training to offices, applied suicide intervention skills, and mental health first aid.

Rethink Mental Illness Advice Line:

Rethink Mental health organization was founded in 1972 with a primary focus of providing better life for people affected by mental illness. It was inspired by a letter sent to Times, in which a man speaks about his family’s experiences with schizophrenia. Since its formations, Rethink has helped over 60,000 people a year in England to get through mental illness caused crises, change attitudes and policies towards mental health, and how to live independently. They provide overall information from treatment and care of mental illness to the employment rights and choices available to them. There are over 200 mental health services and 150 support groups like psychological therapies, housing services, and Crisis and Recovery houses.


Saneline foundation mission is to help the people with mental illnesses and improve of their quality of life. It was established in 1986 after Times published a series of articles called “The Forgotten Illness” which uncovered how society has forgotten those suffering from mental illness. They are fighting hard to spread the knowledge on mental illness and combat the stigma of mental illness by educating, campaigning, providing care, and emotional support. They are also involved in performing research on causes and treatment of mental illness and they have also expanded it to cover social and psychological impact of mental illness. They also offer Caller Care service, which provide help and guidance to alleviate the crisis phase of mental illness or to help people get through difficult times.


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