As world’s largest tidal energy plant in Pentland Firth generates 1GWh which is enough for 700 000 homes, will Scotland become the most energy-rich country in Europe?

August 10, 2017

By Professor John Robertson

The MeyGen project jointly owned by Tidal Power Scotland and Scottish Enterprise has just recorded electricity generation at 1 GWh which is sufficient for 700 000 homes! 700 000! Now we’ve already heard that wind power has several times now produced more than 100% of our total energy needs and that there is enough gas west of Shetland to do the same. It’s beginning to look as if we are going to be so energy rich, we’ll have to export huge amounts to our larger and more energy-starved neighbours like England, Germany and France.

‘Scotland Sets [Another] New Wind Power Record’

Scottish Gas output rises as production begins on a new field that could fuel, by itself, all of post-independence Scotland

I must assume that if Scottish Enterprise co-own the field, some of the revenue comes straight to the Scottish Government? Either way, this level of energy wealth with more to come must make Scotland one of the most energy-rich countries in the world. I haven’t even mentioned the likely resurgence of oil prices by 2020. If this does not enrich our economy it will be because that revenue is diverted to London or not properly taxed and thus stolen by the corporations.

Independence is the only solution to this.

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