Trees Against Trump

March 2, 2018

By Benjamin Gutierrez - USA

Want a simple and yet effective way to oppose Trump’s environmental policies?  Now you can donate to “Trump Forest,” an effort to completely offset the effects of Trump’s disastrous climate policies – including his dismantling of the Clean Power Plan – by planting 1 billion trees worldwide.  Yes, that’s 1 billion trees or the absorption of 650 million tons of CO2 (the amount that Trump’s completely dropping the ball on U.S. climate policies is expected to produce).  In short, it’s an effort to undo the effects of Trump’s poor climate decisions and get us back into the fold of international climate action “bigly.”

Well, just kidding – a little bit.  It’s more of a symbolic effort to show opposition to Trump’s plans (or “confusion,” “befuddlement,” or let’s be honest here – “servitude to corporations”) while also bringing some benefits to the world.  Of course any serious effort by the U.S. to tackle climate change must involve bringing down our carbon emissions (at the source) as fast as possible.  You can’t cure a sick patient if they are continuing to do the same bad behaviors without any attempts to mitigate or stop them – and you can’t cure a sick planet if people continue to pollute the atmosphere without any regard to the consequences.  But we also have to be honest.  At the same time as we reduce our carbon emissions as fast as possible, we are also going to have to trap a massive amount of existing atmospheric CO2 through reforestation, soils, biomass energy and carbon capture, or other methods.  This is a very serious thing that is referred to as “negative emissions” and it is part of the world’s plan to stay within 2 C° of climate change.  So why not get ahead of the curve and start donating to those efforts now – and make a political statement against Donald Trump?

You can either donate to any tree planting service and then send Trump Forest your receipts, or there’s a link on their homepage to plant trees through Eden Reforestation Projects.  Eden Reforestation Projects partners with communities in Nepal, Madagascar, Ethiopa and Haiti to re-plant forests in order to restore degraded lands and help people on their upward cycle out of poverty.  They never plant invasive species, their leaders for their country programs seem to include a mix of Westerners and those native to those countries, and they are a Gold-rated charity by GuideStar.  In other words, it’s a pretty safe bet your money will be spent responsibly and you will be contributing toward the long-term well-being of the planet and hard-working communities that deserve it most – two things our President does not (and never will) understand.

Cover image: Madagascar forests by Aleix Cabarrocas Garcia.  Madagascar has some of the most unique forests and wildlife on the planet (it is estimated 80% of its plant species are endemic – or found nowhere else on Earth), yet only 10% of its original forest cover remains.  Reforestation and finding ways for communities to live in balance with forests are key to Madagascar’s future.  Photo copyrighted under Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0).

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