Scotland’s a dump

February 8, 2018

By Grumpy Scottish Man

I saw this one at the weekend and showed it to a friend in England who is a bit of an environment info hub and even he was a little shocked by the extent of it.

In my house, I’m sure like many of your own, we make a real effort to try to recycle as much as we can and make a real effort to reduce our carbon footprint. It’s maybe not much, and I accept we have cars, one is a smart with virtually zero omissions and the other sits parked most of the week. We’re not great, but we try to do what we can and again like many we do get annoyed with packaging, rubbish being dumped, and people not recycling.

But much of the really horrid stuff that has been dumped around Scotland may come back to haunt future generations and we should probably live in hope that none of it ever gets disturbed. While I accept the times have changed and we know more now than we did when a lot of that crap was dumped it still happens today, and it is disgraceful. A couple of years ago there was the contamination of Dalgety Bay that seemed to take forever for the MOD to both accept they were at fault and to clean it up. There have also been numerous incidents over the years around Dounreay up near Thurso, the view now being that what’s still there will never ever be cleaned up.

The Scottish Government have some powers over the environment, but as per usual with devolution they are pretty much diddy powers in so many ways when Westminster still controls the grown up ones like:

  • The UK government controls the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity.
  • It also rules on nuclear energy and nuclear installations, plus nuclear safety, security and safeguards.
  • Westminster also oversees the oil and gas industry in relation to ownership; offshore installations and pipelines.

With an expected expansion in Royal Navy nuclear capacity in Scotland in future years with the renewal of trident not only will we have nuclear weapons secretly driven through our country in the dead of night under escort, and we have no say in it,there are also the rotting pre decommissioned subs sitting in Scotland, some have been sitting in Rosyth for years rotting away while they wait for work to begin.

While Brexit is the pressing issue of the moment this issue of Scotland being a military dumping ground is another that is something we should all be concerned about, both for right now and for the future, something to consider when the next independence referendum comes around. Scotland is the UKs playground, dumping ground and cash cow. How much more do we have to take.

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  1. Patricia Duncan

    Let’s get our Freedom now.
    We need to get away from Westminsters rule.
    We can run Our Scotland on our own….

  2. HAGANatur

    Indeed, there is only one Westminster. For more information about The Westminster Kennel Club, visit www.


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