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  • Point of View – Election Schadenfraude – Fox or Faux May 14, 2017 Point of View There are three ways to do things; the right way, the wrong way, and the Max Power Way. FT Election Schadenfraude Nigel Pompadour took a sick day after reading this story and refusing to report on it. FT Fox Or Faux? Gene and I started a project called “Ask Gene Hackman” years ago solving real problems for real people. We were inundated with letters to the point where a hiatus was in order; however, since this is such a heinous issue that needed to be addressed, I asked Gene to bring his remarkable powers of common sense to bear and settle it…..once and for all. Thank you, Gene. FT You can follow The History Twins at @thehistorytwins and at ... Read More
  • UnGagged — May’s Day Celebrations May 6, 2017 In this episode, Mark Little will be leading us in 20 seconds of hate, we’ll hear part one of The Meaning of Life according to Chuck Hamilton,  Teresa Durran will remind us that seven weeks is a long time in politics, Joe Solo talks about how optistic he is feeling in the run up to this electionRed Raiph reminds you that if you vote Tory, you’re a Tory, Artist Taxi Driver shares his poem on the zombification of Britain, Nick Durie discusses “nationalism” in the UK, and Victoria Pearson asks people to think carefully before throwing the vulnerable people under the Brexit bus. Neil Scott will be giving us a short reprieve from the election by talking about the red Elvis, Debra Torrance talks Scelection scelectrix and playground politics, Steve McAuliiffe gives ... Read More
  • It’s A Bullseye? May 6, 2017         Finally! A comic that includes two of my favorite things….Scottish independence and my newly discovered love for “Bullseye” Oh, any and all characters are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. (Except for Lindsay) FT You can follow The History Twins at @thehistorytwins and at the webpage     Read More
  • Ungagged: Scottish Elections May 5, 2017 The daft fools lovely people at Ungagged weren’t put off with my first attempt at a podcast and asked me to do a second.  Link here to listen to the talented contributors, my piece is only 5 minutes. I’ve been to my local polling station so often in the last few years I’m half expecting to get a bill from Glasgow City Council for room rent.  Between moving here at the end of 2012 and June 8th I will have made my mark for two General, 1 Scottish Parliament, 1 European Parliament, 1 council and 2 referenda. And to make it that little more interesting, we also have 3 distinct voting systems; first past the post for Westminster, d’Hondt for Holyrood & European and finally Single Transferable ... Read More
  • Consume May 4, 2017 Just recently I found myself saying “Over thirty years ago we decided we were all just consumers…and now we’re utter c**ts because of that” So that inspired a wee poem CONSUME. I want I want I want it all Work buy get paid Hoping to get laid Give me more stuff As I work rest And get played For that new phone Over glass I would crawl I only let Nike Ever kick at my balls I need I need I need everything G string nose ring Cling to the bling Only drink this brand Cos its the real thing Eat drink Piss in the sink Work hard play hard For everything else there’s MasterCard I have I have I have all the best stuff I bet he drinks Carling He looks kinda rough Gas coal and oil The planet it boils Screw it Just do it Who ... Read More
  • Treble Lock Trouble April 29, 2017 You can follow The History Twins at @thehistorytwins and at the webpage   Read More
  • CobWebs April 28, 2017 Had that dream again…wrote a poem. There are certain cobwebs that just cannot be reached And as I wake from dreaming you’re back here among the sheets Over years the dream it changes as the mind rewinds Memories that first were scathing turn into something kind Young love is strewn with flowers bright as early morn But some flowers like the roses also come with thorns And upon those thorns we get pierced and we see a little blood But time is like a plaster that mends you back to love And now that both our lives are fine and strangers we remain You remember only good things so it wasn’t all in vain There are certain cobwebs that just cannot be reached They dance and stir upon the air they rest on memories ... Read More
  • But within Onyx is white April 23, 2017 . She hears the howling of the footsteps Whose pattering cries but hers And all she has is the sea and the noise of night . No swoon of shame, no circular light coconut sheen on a body of onyx white The noise of the sea and the noise of might . It is under her beats a shuffle of cotton weighted Who coarse orchestra is a movement white like the noise she owns and ready sea . Little grey feet, little stocking miles meets on mental shores and physical mores As he makes the noise and she owns the sea .As she owns his voice she enters him Within the onyx is white in streams weeping An ocean simple and yet seething You can follow Robert J Somynne  on twitter at @RobertJSomynne  and at his blog     Read More
  • May Knows Best (Not) April 20, 2017     You can Follow Oor Red Raiph on twitter at @raiphsays or at webpage Raiphs Blob Read More
  • CAT IN THE HAT DONALD TRUMP April 15, 2017 I do not like him or his hair I do not like his angry glare Or riding on a Camel hump I do not like that Donald Trump I do not like his orange face His policies are a disgrace I do not like his suit and tie I do not like his beady eyes He’s about as smart as Forest Gump I do not like that Donald Trump I do not like his fascist chums And his crazy views on the Muslims I do not like his tiny hands I do not like for what he stands I do not like the things he says Or where on women his hand lays He is the chief of all the chumps I do not like that Donald Trump. I do not like his Mexican wall To make them pay ... Read More

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