Reporting Scotland – Scotlands National Disgrace!

August 9, 2017

By MacAlba

So Jackie…what are you up too?
Reporting Scotland reported on the exam results last night, Jackie started off by saying that there was a record number of Scottish children being able to obtain a place at university because of their exam results and that this included an increase in the number of children from deprived areas but critics say this is despite SNP policy….

Link to short Video

Wait – hang on!

Let’s rewind a bit…
So this year’s exam results mean that a RECORD number of children got good enough results to get into university, and part of that number shows an increase in children from poorer areas also managed to get accepted into university but this is despite SNP policies?
My brain hurts just trying to fathom this one.
We are told pretty much daily that ‘this SNP Government is failing Scotland and that they should concentrate on their day job’, yet when they are, as the results show – it is somehow bad that their good policies which result in good outcomes are somehow still bad….
Don’t you just love it when you pay £145.50 a year and part of that payment goes towards a news reporting broadcaster in your own country that just cannot help itself in talking your country down?
Everyday it’s another BBC story about how the SNP are bad, even when things are good.  It genuinely surprises me what can be turned into a bad story.

Are there any other countries in the world that has a national broadcaster that hates its own country so much and the people continue love them for it?
Maybe this is a perfect example of where the SNP could come out of its shell and publically shame the BBC for this.
Well done children in achieving such record setting results.  I’m sorry that our national news broadcaster has politicised it, but hopefully one day when you are older and able to vote on UK national matters that you will be empowered to stop it!
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  1. Judith Delissen

    It’s disgusting the way the BBC distorts everything and I just despair how we can shake this off. After this type of misreporting the SNP is always on the back foot in defence. Once the public read the headlines or hear the damaging news the seed is sown. Of course if the BBC reports it it must be true. The same with newspapers and we know the ones I mean. The media are lining up and will defend the Union to the end there is much to do.

  2. Jim mccaffrey

    Great for the children,not surprised at BBC, learned now to expect it. About time our SNP hammered them,the BBC and the Reporter especially

  3. Elie Ramsay

    The SNP need to prempt all this nonsense before the so called TV reports get in and distort!
    Time to up the anti guys.


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