Missing Cats, The Real Story

August 3, 2017

By Septic Peg

We have all seen the posters and appeals on both Facebook and Twitter, families missing their beloved cats.  They never give up looking for them, but what if they don’t want to be found?

I met up with Tom to discuss why he made his decision to leave home.  “I was always on edge living at home.  Too scared my owner might find me in her underwear drawer, I needed to be free to explore my feminine side, the feeling of lace on your fur is just purrrrrrrfect.”


Cats Wearing Tights, Meowfit Tumblr

Bert, pictured below said “Tights can be manly, Sometimes you wanna hang loose in your Cat boots, ya know?” Humans just don’t understand this.

WillIam and Paloma left home as they hated their owners obsession with The Voice uk.  “We love Ant and Dec but were never allowed to watch it at home, we have found a place with free wifi so we can catch up on Saturday Night Takeaway on demand. We are due to marry next year and are hoping they can sing at our wedding.  Let’s get ready to rhumble is our favourite tunage.”

Betty is now on 40 Regal King-size a day and needs help reducing her alcohol intake.

“At first the freedom to do what you want is great but now I fall asleep and burn a hole in my tights.  Sometimes I cant get them down in time after a few too many but sure its all great craic.”

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