A Look In Too The Mind Of The History Twins

November 11, 2017

By The History Twins

Buzz Off!

“Bee” happy about the neonicotinoid ban. It’s better for the bees. And anything is better than that joke I just made. FT 😛



I know it is very presumptuous to assume that 63 people will read the comic, let alone have one reader that will get the actual correct answer. I also assume a certain political cartoonist will claim that he and he alone invented contests included within comics, but as they say in Torphichen “prove it in a court of law.” FT 🙂


A Day In The Life

This could be any politician if you think about it. Any resemblence to persons alive or deceased is strictly coincidental. I got the title from one of my favorite Beatles songs, “Octopus’s Garden”  FT 😛

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