Full Fiscal Autonomy, a laywoman’s view

There has been much discussion in the mainstream media (and social media) about Full Fiscal Autonomy (FFA) for Scotland. I will make clear from the start this is not another blog to debate how rich or poor Scotland would be if the Scottish government had full control over all its financial revenue. But in the countless articles I have read about FFA, no one has ever pointed out (including the Scottish government) that we here in Scotland actually have no idea how much revenue we actually generate. You see it’s all done as an estimate, based on Scotland’s percentage of the UK tax revenue. And lest you think I am fabricating this fact, here it is. It’s not a long document, but the highlight is on page 4.

While actual Scottish tax revenue data are available for taxes such as council tax and non- domestic rates, they are often not available for taxes administered by the UK Government. As a result, Scottish tax revenues are estimated by allocating a Scottish proportion of UK tax revenues.

Basically all reserved Scottish tax revenue, which is nearly all our revenue is an estimate. There are no actual figures provided by the UK government. It’s just a rough percentage of Scotland’s proportion of all UK tax revenue. So if say, (I am using a random figure here) the UK yearly tax receipts were £500bn, and Scotland is considered 6% of the UK tax receipts, we can say that Scotland’s annual tax revenue is £30bn. But what if in reality, Scottish tax receipts really accounted for 15% of all UK tax revenue. Well £30bn now becomes £75bn. That’s a pretty sizeable contrast, and would make a significant difference to the Scottish economy.

So why is the true figure being hidden from, not just the Scottish public, but more importantly the Scottish government? And why is this not ever challenged? I have read countless articles and blogs from unionist supporters, telling us Scotland would have a massive deficit of billions if we were granted FFA. This is then challenged by independence supporters. But I have not read anything stating that actually no one has the slightest idea how much tax revenue we in Scotland generate. Why? I am so perplexed by this fact. Are we really much poorer than the Scottish government want to publicly admit (although how would they even know)? Or are we so much wealthier than any other part of the UK including London, that Westminster is terrified to allow anyone in Scotland to have access to the true figures?

What do you think? I am no economist, no math wizard, and find filling out a tax form mind numbing, but there is something very odd about all of this. If anyone who reads this would like to offer their opinion on why we are given an estimate of the money we generate, I am all ears.

But until that time, everything I read about how poor (or rich) we are in Scotland is meaningless. We have no idea. You know who does though, George Osborne. Now that makes me wonder…

(All figures used in this are my own, just to highlight the peculiarity of the system)

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Indy Referendum #2- Is it the Perfect Storm?


Independence Referendum #2- Is it the Perfect Storm?

I am not a lawyer, a journalist or a politician. Who am I? I wear many hats, but for the sake of this piece, let’s call me an activist.

There has been quite a bit written lately about the timing of a second independence referendum. Many different views. Every position from Scotland should declare immediate UDI, to we should not discuss the matter again until our unborn grandchildren are grandparents.

I guess my own position falls somewhere in between. I don’t agree that it is advantageous to wait too long. I happen to believe the next 5 years offers the best opportunity to secure a YES vote. I know many people will disagree, but here’s one activist’s POV.

We currently have one of the most destructive Westminster governments probably since the Thatcher years. (some say it’s far worse than Thatcher, I can’t say for certain, I didn’t live here then). Add to that fact that the Labour party have proved to be a fairly pointless opposition party. Chocolate tea pots come to mind. In fact the only real opposition to these massive Tory cuts seems to be (ironically) the SNP.

Then there is the Labour leadership race. Wow. In all my nearly 25 years involved in various political campaigns, I have never witnessed a party destroy itself so passionately. As a political nerd (and watching on the sidelines, as it’s not my party) it is quite something to behold. But that’s for another blog.

On the Scottish front it appears the SNP are set to gain even more seats in next year’s Holyrood elections. Labour are set to be the biggest losers, not holding a single constituency seat. In fact there is talk they may not even be the second largest party in Scotland come May 2016. Who could ever have imagined this? Labour aren’t exactly going to be in a great position to command much support for being strong NO to independence advocates.

So we have a perfect storm for a second independence referendum in 2019. (5 years after the first referendum). The prospect of another 5 years (at least) of Tories holding the reigns at Westminster. A diminished Labour party, still fighting between its left and right factions. Plus the very real possibility that England may have pulled Scotland out of the EU against her will.

If you are looking for a better backdrop to asking the citizens of Scotland if they want to stay tied to Westminster any longer, I dare say even the SNP could not have hoped for a better set of circumstances.

I understand and have read the reasons for waiting 10, 20, 30 years for another referendum. But I disagree that would be advantageous. Politics is constantly evolving and changing, as is our world. By that time, we may not even have a welfare state or an NHS any longer. The population will be worn down, but quite used to their plight. Too tired to fight, apathetic to the shift in lifestyle. Mostly forgetting when the state cared.

So I say the time is never better than in the near future to fight for a better, fairer Scotland. I truly believe we can win this one.

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In Defence of Youth Transitions

In the last article I outlined a relatively new conceptual approach to the study of young people – that of youth generation. Proponents of this approach have argued that this way of looking at young people’s issues offers the best way of unpacking processes of change, continuity and particular processes embedding inequalities for young people growing up in contemporary society. They argue that the ‘tradition’ of youth transitions is an outmoded way of analysing the lives of youth growing up today due to the ‘messy’ or ‘fragmented’ stage that youth has become. I disagree.

The concept of ‘youth’ is a difficult one to define – essentially it is a social construction and is understood differently depending on culture and time. We all know that legally it is often defined in complex and arbitrary ways, for example the age of criminal responsibility begins at 8 in Scotland – so does youth begin then? Or end at 25 when full entitlement to welfare benefits starts? Over the last couple of decades writers in the field of youth studies have suggested that rather than pursuing a chronological definition, the period known as ‘youth’ is better understood as a period of transition, or a set of transitions between the dependency of childhood and the independence of adulthood. The idea of youth being a transitory period can be traced back to the work of Olivier Galland. He posited that in order to negotiate the hurdle between childhood and adulthood successfully, young people had to make three successful transitions:

  1. From school to work – The ‘professional’ transition
  2. From family home to independent living – the ‘residential’ transition
  3. From family of origin to family of destination – the ‘domestic’ transition

By navigating their way through these transitions, it is implied that young people will have successfully bridged the gap to full ‘citizenship’ and adulthood.

Photo 28-07-2015 18 40 55

In recent years however, evidence suggests that these transitions are becoming prolonged, with many of the transitions identified by Galland occurring far later than had previously occurred. For the previous generation (the Baby Boomers) the decades after the Second World War saw the transition to adulthood occur in a (reasonably) ordered and predictable fashion, with all three transitions taking place over the space of a few years.  For young people growing up in Western societies this has changed markedly over the past twenty to thirty years with many young people delaying the traditional markers of adulthood, sometimes until their early thirties or beyond. Jeffrey Arnett argues that this period of emerging adulthood offers those living in Western, capitalist societies the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of consumerism. This delay in transition offers young people the opportunity to develop their own selves, travelling, dipping into education, exploring and developing their own identities and getting a ‘taste of life’. For those less fortunate however, Alan France suggests that there is far more ‘risk’ attached to these transitions today.  As transitions become more fragmented and risky, those that do not have the resources to support and manage this process can find their position further impoverished. As Ulrich Beck notes:

  • risks adhere to the class pattern, only inversely: wealth accumulates at the top, risks at the bottom…poverty attracts an unfortunate abundance of risks. By contrast, the wealthy (in income, power or education) can purchase safety and freedom from risk.

For young people who are already poor there are limited opportunities available for them to grow into independent adults whilst avoiding the pitfall of poverty, leaving them particularly vulnerable. MacDonald and Marsh agree, suggesting that:

  • …more complex, extended transitions present risks which are disproportionately borne by those sections of the youth population with the least resources with which to deal with them.

The study of transitions has been invaluable in identifying these changes. It has also been invaluable in identifying the continuities – the major one being that class still plays a significant role in shaping the life chances of young people – albeit how this is occurring is changing. For young people fortunate enough to be taking advantage of the expansion of higher education, these young people now embark on the ‘slow track’ transition – delaying the move into employment and other transitional statuses and able to take advantage of the period of emerging adulthood. But, for those young people making the ‘fast-track’ transition into work, parenthood or tenancies of their own, the risk attached is substantial – NEET status, poverty, social exclusion, marginalisation and increased health risks are all much more likely. And these factors are still significantly more likely to affect young working-class people. These young people are particularly vulnerable today due to the increasing demand for qualifications and technical skills, especially for jobs that pay anything halfway decent or offer more stable employment.

Photo 28-07-2015 18 40 01

Of course, this is not to say young people don’t exercise agency – of course they do. And this has been one of the main criticisms aimed at transitions studies – that they take the young people out the equation and are too pre-occupied with the structural determinants of young people’s lives. Not so. As Rob MacDonald and colleagues at Teesside have long argued, their study has shown the remarkable agency that young people display in the demanding circumstances of the deindustrialised North East of England. Far from the fatalism often ascribed to young people on the margins of the employment market, their studies have shown that young people move in and out of work, training courses and periods of unemployment. Instead of the popular right-wing portrayal of young layabouts sitting on the couch, drinking cider and happy to lap up benefits, their research consistently shows young people stuck in a churning life of precarious work, desperately seeking opportunities to better their lives and make the stable transition to secure and stable employment. Their research has revealed that that popular trope of politicians – the importance of the ‘foot-on-the-ladder’ has ceased to exist for a significant portion of people as life in the precariat is better understood as a ‘waterwheel’ –

  • …the low-pay, no-pay cycle meant that they might make small, regular steps to just above the official poverty line when they moved into jobs but they also made regular steps back down when jobs were lost. Better than metaphors of ‘routes’, ‘steppingstones’ or ‘ladders’ away from poverty, the participants seemed more to be caught on a ‘waterwheel’ that dipped them under the official poverty line before lifting them above it, before the wheel turned again, forever churning between low-paid jobs and even lower benefit payments.

MacDonald and colleagues also point to the depth that transitional studies have given us into the lives of young people struggling to reach ‘adulthood’ today. They point out that studies have given us a window into how different aspects of youth transitions interpenetrate – family issues, bereavement, housing issues, involvement in the criminal justice system as well as paying attention to localised factors such as high rates of unemployment or disadvantage has allowed us a deeper understanding of how these issues all relate.

Autumn Path

As such, critics are correct to argue that transitions have become more unstable and messy – but that is no reason to abandon transitions. Indeed, if anything, it cements its use. It’s also worth noting that young people are still making these transitions – albeit in different shapes and sizes. The study of transitions has allowed us to unpack the complexity of young people’s lives today and ask questions relating to the structural determinants which continue to shape the youth phase. The sensitive use of transitional studies – paying attention to young people’s agency, structural constraints, locality, family and the social and economic factors of the hour – can still provide us with a deeper understanding of young people’s lives as they navigate the choppy waters of late modernity. As Rob MacDonald and colleagues argue:

  • For us, the primary sociological, political and policy relevance of the study of youth – and the main reason why it is worthy of further investment – lies in the fact that youth remains a critically important period in which individual life chances are established. The concept of transition predisposes us towards a study of youth that is fundamentally the study of youth as a life phase. A study of youth remains essentially a study of the shifting social, economic and cultural processes that shape this period of the life course: this is what gives ‘youth’ its meaning… through the study of the transition…we can glimpse the wider processes that generate such different outcomes for young people as they reach adulthood: processes which continue to mean that some get a lot where others end up with very little.

So, I would argue that rather than jettisoning the study of transitions, a more productive way forward would be to combine the study of transitions with the generational perspective outlined in the last blog. Combining the two could offer a deeper understanding of the youth phase. As Woodman and Wyn note, transition is still institutionally embedded – age continues to dominate how government treats its citizens. Noting the nature of the transitions of the current generation and looking for patterns of change and continuity with previous age cohorts can go some way towards exploring and analysing the changes occurring in the transitions young people are making. Doing this we can interrogate how patterns of inequality are impacting on young people – and pay attention to how young people are negotiating everyday life. Combining transitions and generations could allow us to unpack structural determinants including class,oldmanmackie gender, race and (dis)ability (amongst others) whilst looking at the active ways young people make their way through the youth phase in these rapidly changing and challenging times.

For a good discussion on the value of Youth Transitions see the excellent and still very much relevant paper by Rob MacDonald and colleagues. 

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I decided to write about this because I do love a hashtag. I love all the different opinions and articles, I lap it up like one of those super absorbent kitchen rolls.  Alas I struggle a bit to actually form a solid opinion on it.  Maybe it’s because I’ve went all gloopy and soggy from the information overload.

On one side, we seem to have the #UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence) supporters, who feel we have a mandate for independence since we voted 56 nationalists into Westminster Parliament.

On another angle we have the patient guys who want to wait until it’s a dead certain that a Yes vote would win.  Others feel we should have it now while we are facing the prospect of the worse Tory policies since Thatcher.

Oh I’m not finished with the differences yet, there’s more sides to this hashtag than a rubix cube.

Juxtaposition memes calling out ‘SNP said once in a generation thing!’ vs ‘Salmond said a second independence referendum was inevitable!’  I believe he actually said this back in November.  I’m inclined to agree with him.

You then have the #indyref3 and ‘neverendum’ soapbox heroes.  I too like to get up on my soapbox so I say this eye to eye my friend… ‘So what? Surely the will of folk exercising their democratic right is a good thing, no matter the outcome?’  I think politics should be fluid and dynamic; like the people it’s supposed to represent.

For me, independence has always seemed the natural progression.  A journey.  Home rule > devolution > independence.  Except somewhere along the road we ended up taking lots of diversions and ended up getting in lost in Smithville by the small town of Devomax.  So much for road signs…

If, and a big hypothetical if, #SNP were to declare tomorrow that they would run with a mandate in Holyrood for a second referendum, what would that mean?

Well first off we would have to wait until next year before Scottish parliament could even start discussions with Westminster again about holding one.

Then we would have to wait on different proceedings, probably different departmental reports, again.  Just like last time.

Then once permitted we would have to allow a period of campaigning, again.  Just like last time.

So, when would be a likely date for this to occur?  Greece had an election and quite quickly declared a referendum.  Could we do something similar?  Could independence triumph like the anti-austerity vote in Greece?  I dunno.

Could Scotland hold a referendum within the same timeframe as the Greek referendum?  Probably.  If you read Wings Over Scotland, then most definitely.

For me, however, 2021 seems a logical date but if the referendum was tomorrow I would still vote Yes.  But would enough folk join me?

I hope so.

But I hope for something more, yes, more than an independent Scotland.  I hope that even after we are successful in regaining our independence, (and I imply ‘when’ because like Big Eck, I think Scottish independence is inevitable) we should keep on gibbering.  We keep debating with each other.  We keep arguing, arguing for a better life for us and others.  A better Scotland.

So… Keep it up, what’s your opinion?

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I drift on the threshold of a dream but the rumble of a passing chemical tanker shakes the room and I am pulled kicking and screaming back to waking consciousness. I lay in the semidarkness, the orange glow of the fracking flares send hellish shadows dancing across the ceiling. I reach for the bottle at my bedside and swig deeply, flushing the greasy aftertaste of airbourne pollution from my over-dry mouth.
My sinuses throb and I blow my nose in vain, trying to clear my airways. The tangy metallic taste of blood trickles down my throat again, over-thinned blood vessels rupturing once more.
“I can’t go on like this…” I repeat my mantra for the thousandth time.
The loud tick of the wind up clock eventually lulls me into a fitful sleep….
My sores and rashes are gone. I breathe deeply, filling my lungs with clean fresh air for the first time in too many years than I care to remember.
I look around in confusion… I am standing by the chain-link fence surrounding the waste sludge retention pond. Suddenly I am bathed in a flickering glow of three separate drilling flares towering around me like giant rusting dragons spouting flames into the heavens. Yet I feel no heat and the normally acrid air smells impossibly sweet…
My attention is immediately drawn to a loud GLOOP followed by another as large bubbles broke the glossy surface of the hellish pond. Without realising it, I am standing at the edge of the rank waters, among the small dead animals that ring the pond, their dried husk carcasses untouched even by the flies stare up at me with voiceless accusation in their hollow eye sockets.
The bubbles grew and a figure rose from the glossy broth. A head…shoulders…dark liquid dripped from voluptuous breasts as the figure rose to stand on the surface.
Two simple words whispered into my mind,
“Heal me…”
I was transfixed, mouth agape in awe as the oily figure glided slowly towards me.
“Heal me…” it repeated.
A dripping arm was raised, fingers spread, palm outwards.
“Heal me…”
I nod instinctively as the hand touches my bare chest. Electric fire sweeps into me, driving tendrils and roots of thorny energy into every fibre of my being. My head tilts to the heavens and a roar of pain and ecstasy pours out my mouth….
I wake up and gasp in pain as my entire body is enveloped in a pulsating sensation of pins and needles. I manage to grab my specs and stumble into the bathroom, the room spinning horrendously. Then it stops.
I grip the cool edge of the ceramic basin, panting, sweat dripping from my nose and chin. Then the coughing started… deep wracking spasms…I bark like a sick dog till an awful taste begins to burn the back of my throat. I spit into the basin…a small red lump with black stringy tendrils sliding slowly towards the plug hole.
I swipe my bare arm across my bloody mouth and my glasses fall from the bridge of my nose. The world becomes instantly sharp and clear…it dawned on me…I no longer needed my thick spectacles. I drew a deep breath, and for the first time in an age there was no tight pain. Instinctively I pulled a length of toilet paper and began to blow my nose. I felt immediate relief as a stream of dark mucus was ejected onto the scrunched up paper.
What the hell is happening to me?
As I stand up straight, joints that had been crippling me for months began to feel smooth and fluid and I moved slowly into the bedroom. Suddenly I catch a glimpse of myself in the wardrobe mirror. I stop dead in my tracks as I see the large green handprint in the centre of my chest.
“Heal Me…”
Memory flooded back into me…
The Goddess in the pond…
The Oily Angel…
Neurons fired…Connections fused and grew organically… as my body healed itself.
Now…I must repay my debt….then I passed out.
I wake up but don’t return to waking consciousness. I remain on the floor with my eyes lightly closed. It felt like I was sinking into the floor as colours blossom in my mind’s eye. The bright blooms dissolve into fantastic fractal fireworks. I lay there and just let it happen.
Suddenly, without sensing movement I am standing among long grasses, surrounded by a majestic ring of lofty standing stones. Through the soles of my ethereal feet I feel a slight tremor, little more than a vibration, but it was growing rapidly.
Day turns instantly to night as the sun wheels in the sky and the moon rises…
Small vortices of pale blue light dance on the lichen covered monoliths surrounding me. The darkening sky above roils as pendulous clouds scud in on growing winds. A deep rumble crashes and moments later lightning forks down lancing the earth before me.
I stand firm, unaffected by the growing storm.
The thrumming below my feet ceases as the long grass parts and the earth rises in a rich loamy lump. A single round stone, about the size of my head, ejects itself from the earth to land on the grass at my feet.
“You are Whole…” the voice fills the air as the dark stone begins to glow a deep fiery red. “Son of the Stars, for too long your have brethren pierced my skin and burrow deep. Poisons have replaced purity. My being has been violated and I need you to put an end to this, lest I take too firm an action that would harm too many of the Creator’s spark carriers. I now empower you to deliver my wrath to the base creatures that fail or choose to heed all warnings.”
The ball at my feet pulsed. “Step forth and receive Earth.”
I lift the bright ball effortlessly and in moments it burst with a blinding flash, covering me in with a filament thin coating of stone. A deep slow pulse now swirled in the centre of my being and instantly I feel, no I know, this is the energy of the planet earth.
Suddenly a great gust of wind lifts me from the grass, sweeping me skywards tumbling head over heels towering clouds.
It took a few moments to realise that I could control my movement with a thought. I bob and weave between the clouds, exhilaration electrifying me to higher levels despite I had endured. A force stops me in mid-flight. The wall surrounding me spun tornado fast, a stroboscopic image forming on the moving wall.
A face of sorts.
The roar of a storm boomed, “Step forth and receive Air.” Tendrils of vapours snaked and warped, twisted and twined into a milky ball hanging before the swirling wall. I do not need to step, mind you, a thought is enough to move and I reach for the ball of Air, but my astral hands pass through it, dissolving and reforming instantly.
I sense amusement.
Then it dawned on me. Air… I push my face into the ball and took a deep breath. Freezing cold energy filled my chest, ran down my spine, up into the base of my skull then down across my shoulders and burst into my fingertips with an iceburn buzz.

Down, down, down I plunge, plummeting like a stone. I should be afraid…but I am not. I go with the flow and instead of landing gently on the ground below I penetrate it.
I pass through the earth, the rock, deep waters, down, down, down. I am in darkness, absolute pitch. But not hemmed in. No…I am in a cave and for the first time I feel something…heat! I could feel the weight of rocks above me, miles thick. I could feel the heat below me, very close.
“Step forth and receive Fire.”
I place my hand upon the rugged floor below me.
Raw power, raging and fierce! Wow…I snatch my hand back instinctively.
Glowing cracks light the darkness as stone grinds on stone. Chunks of floor sink and vanish into the molten brightness.
I hang suspended in a vast subterranean cathedral, the hot crimson carpet below my feet. The swirling surface begins to bubble and boil, flecks of light pass painlessly through my feet. A pair of ridges rose from the lava, then a slope of stepped scales as a humungous head rises on a long serpentine neck. Below the ridges a pair of black diamond eyes open and pierced me with a sharp gaze.
“Ahhh, She has sent you…” hissed the Dragon telepathically, its long forked tongue lashing out whip fast, cracking the air before me, “for cleansing…”
I barely had time to think before the beast drew a deep breath and exhaled a jet of roaring, luminous flame through me.
I raise my arms, standing cruciform, the fire blasting my soul raw. I feel my thoughts strip away and nothing exists for me but the flame.
Time stretches and I become a single point of energy, yet simultaneously I become everywhere and everything. In moments I am the earth. I feel the magnetic pull of the moon and the ebb and flow of the seas. I feel the myriad stab of many needle pricks, the surge of diabolical poisons and it hurts.
The flame stops and I fizzle back into semi-consciousness.
“You are ready…” hisses the Dragon as it turns and slinks slowly into the magma.
I am.
I plunge into the lava and roar with the dragon swimming in the molten tide. Together we soar inwards towards the very core of the world. Wild exhilaration sweeps through me and I climb between fiery wings and ride the beast to the brilliance of the rotating crystal core. I fly twice round the core and we slingshot outwards at a wild tangent, rocketing at tremendous speed. I sense a thickening of the mantle around me and I give a push off from the dragon as it veers back inwards in a radiant arc and I am propelled with even greater energy.
Massive vibrations accompany my passing, and suddenly I am ejected, spat into an azure sky, boiling dust, ash and crackling lightning are my companions as the volcano below me erupts spectacularly. I carry on skyward, the remote island below dwindles to a green spot in a vast sea.
“Come…” I hear the command of the Goddess.
Automatically I sweep back in an arc and plunge into the deep blue sea. I feel. I can really feel the pain amplified through the water. I can taste the taint of pollutants and poisons. On a molecular level I feel the stabbing of radioactivity, all around me the creatures of the oceans know it.
They are suffering and we caused it.
“You have the Earth, the Air, the Fire and the Water – You now know me.”
I do.
And now I know what to do.
I waken up once more. This time I am not groggy.
I remember…Everything.
The dim light in the bedroom is claustrophobic and as I rise easily to my feet I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.
I am hypnotised by my reflection. I step close to the mirror door of the wardrobe.
My skin is now a bright luminous green. My heart is visible in my chest, glowing bright red and with each beat I can see my hot blood circulating throughout my body. I don’t have a single hair on my head…haha I am as bald as a coot.
The room vibrates, the image of a massive tanker pops into my mind’s eye. I turn and leave the bedroom, and sprint down the hall and almost rip the front door from it’s hinges. I don’t stop running till I am standing in the middle of the road. I stand with arms spread wide as the roar of the air horn and the screech of burning rubber tells me that the driver has spotted me.
The tanker skids to a halt and the driver and his security guard escort jump down onto the dusty road.
“What the…?” The burley driver exclaims at the sight of me.
“Its not Halloween, freak! Get off the fucking road!” spits the security guard an extending truncheon slipping into his gloved grip.
I look from one to the other, the driver looks wary, and the security guard just mean and stupid.
“Turn your tanker back. You do not need to take it to the drill site today.” I say radiating calm.
“Screw you, Green man!” The butt of the stick slams into the pit of my stomach and I whoosh out an unwanted breath.
His gloved fist smashed into my nose and top lip, bursting it in a blossom of pain. My head flies back and small fountain of blood spills on the dust. I fall to my knees and watch my blood spatter the ground below me. Instantly small green tendrils sprout from the blood, thickening and growing.
I push myself to stand among a small patch of green in the dusty expanse of the road. The plants sweep up my legs and enmesh me with a fine crisscross of life. I touch the pair standing agape at my transformation. Sprouts of green spread over them, tightening, incapacitating. I did not need to hurt them. I begin to walk down the road, dark tyre treads and suspicious spill stains colour the dust a rusty yellow.
The land around me is dying… No birds sing, no insects chirrup.
Each step is a real chore as the chemicals burn into the bare soles of my green feet. Yet I press on till I crest the ridge and I stop surveying the wide valley below. The entire valley is stippled with a dozen wells all ringed by a security fence. The rotten egg smell of hydrogen Sulphide and God knows what other lethal concoction of chemicals wafts up on the warm breeze.
From this vantage point I can see a small band of ragtag protestors – dedicated and persistent. They have been protesting this site since the earth movers had levelled the land and prepared for the drilling.
These brave souls were, until yesterday, like myself. They suffered the same terrible symptoms, sacrificing their own dear health to bring fracking to the attention of the “Sleeping” masses, who relied upon our government controlled media for all their information and “Truths.”
I stumble down the slope towards the main gate. I am getting dizzy now, as my heightened senses are now being constantly bombarded by the sounds and energy radiating from the site. The ground was shaking from the pounding of heavy machinery and the very air shimmering with electromagnetic pulsing from the huge pumps and motors. Invisible pollutants rose into the stale air, a black miasma swirling in noxious columns, staining the clouds. It is little wonder the land is ill.
I approach the group and pass silently between them, ignoring the stares and wide eyed looks of fear. One or two, perhaps, pull phones from their pockets and click the video buttons, recording my visit.
DANGER ELECTRIFIED FENCE signs hang on a razor wire topped chain metal, a pictogram showing a wee man lying on the floor with a big black zigzag hitting his body making it obvious to any who did not understand the words.
I am trying ever so hard to block out the surging feelings of sickness, this is really hard…I feel…I feel the pain in the earth…
A single tear rolls down my green cheek and lands in the dust between my feet. A single daisy sprouts from the stained dust, then another.
My attention is snatched from this tiny miracle by two large SUV’s rolling to a screeching halt on the other side of the fence. Four large men got out and stood in full riot gear. I looked at them and they looked at me. I could feel their hate and a tinge of fear. I did manage a small smile as I reached out and placed the palms of my hands on the steelwork.
Instantly I am shocked, the muscles in my hands involuntarily gripping the chain. Muscles spasm to what feels like breaking point. But I feel no pain. I push the energy down into the pit of my tightened stomach and let it GROW!
Seconds seem like hours and I barely hear the scream of one of the protestors as smoke rises from my shoulder and head. I don’t hear a thing but the harmonious song of the earth’s core.
Then I unleash it.
In one huge force of will I send an electromagnetic pulse outwards in a bubble that sweeps invisibly through the valley. Instantly every piece of electrical equipment is fried and slowly all the machinery grinds to a grumbling halt.
Complete and utter silence.
I pull my charred hands from the metal, leaving a bloody coating of crackling skin.
Still no pain. I sway on uncertain legs.
The security are now being joined by many filthy men in oily coveralls.
I point at the group.
I point at the nearest drill tower and suddenly creeping vines snake up the structure. In a moment it resembles a massive green Christmas tree.
Instantly I am tired and ravenously hungry…it is a hunger unlike any I have ever felt! I know that I need nourishment and rest. So without another word I turn and head home.
I don’t remember walking back up the hill to my home. I don’t remember eating the entire contents of the fridge or drinking about FIVE litres of bottled water. But I did. Then I switched on the television and fell asleep to the news channel on their fifteen minute repeat cycle of lies and propaganda.
I have no idea how long I slept, but when I awoke it was dark and the house was being shaken by something. I think it might be a helicopter…or something.
I have a strange feeling of destiny, a heavy leaden weight of stone in the bottom of my gut.
I am distracted for a moment by a glimpse of the news channel… The tickertape news headline catches my eye. “Dozens killed by terrorist strike at Fracking site.”
The grim faced news reader is telling the people terrorists have struck in the heart of rural England. I recognise the view on the screen as my own county. But the images shown are unbelievable –Dozens of fires raging uncontrollably, metal twisted and torn in jagged fingers of steel. Bodies litter the ground in tatters.
I sit up on the end of my bed as the reporter announces that the terrorist cell is surrounded in a house… My house.
The roar above once again. Bright light floods the room from batteries of spotlights.
I cannot believe what my government has done.
All of those innocent people…slaughtered…
A deep sorrow floods me and I get a surge of energy rising up my spine and into the base of my skull.
“My Goddess.” I reply, “I am sorry…I tried…” – more tears.
I feel her energy swirling through me and I float on the feeling.
Somewhere in the distance of my perception I hear the front door being battered in and see two small round canisters roll down the hall…
I feel warmth of arms around me in a hug.
Twin explosions of bright light and horrendous sound shake the room, shattering glass…but I feel nothing.
I sit there and smile as three armoured men burst into the room, red lances of laser sights cover every angle in the room.
The first bullet enters my chest and explodes from my back… a second enters under my chin and takes the top of my head clean off…
Death is not the end. I know now, that I am home in my natural state. I am linked to all things and all times. My connection to the Earth and the Goddess is pure and strong now. The gifts of Earth, Fire, Water and Air have linked me to her.
Instantly after my untimely demise I am floating amidst the carnage. The shattered husk that was my body is still sprawled on the bed. The armed men still go through the house, room by room, as if this was a den of terrorists.
I can see now with all my senses. The men appear to me as columns of living flame, swirling with radiant colourful auras shot through with many colours.
This death is my destiny, my reason for choosing this life and now I must finish things.
I reach out mentally, sensing the gathered media storm outside my house. I can hear them all and know the lies that they are perpetuating on behalf of the rotten establishment that keeps mankind under their boot heels.
In an instant I perceive the world as an entirety, I am part of the Whole and I am simultaneously one with her. I feel like a satellite in orbit above the country and I turn my attention to the south…to London.
I plunge straight through the small lead lined window into the debating chamber of the House of Commons. There is standing room only inside. A secret debate is being held between the Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrats. Last year the Scots, Welsh and Irish were shunned from these hallowed halls because the Scottish National Party had won a landslide election in Scotland and held the balance of power. They instantly did a deal that they would withdraw from the UK parliament and be part of the UK in name only, but were fully autonomous.
I hover between the hanging globe lighting and listen as they plan and scheme together as one single party. The pretence of opposition is dropped by the Labour party here as the TV cameras are barred from this debate.
I listen as one single Tory MP raises concerns about Fracking and the harm it could pose her constituents…only to be jeered into submission.
Then I notice the shadows…
They are alive and fluid. They slither between the men, black serpents of negativity.
I see the Prime Minister laughing at his back bencher and hear him as if from afar… “My Dear, Fracking is SUPPOSED to harm them!”
I had read about evil in the upper echelons of society, and although I was interested in it, I had always supposed chaps like David Icke were just bampots and lunatics seeking attention…how wrong could I be!
I lowered myself to rest upon the Speaker’s table.
Every one of the MP’s were cloaked in writhing shadows, darker than sin.
I felt a building righteous rage with every word that darkened the room. Tighter and tighter my anger coiled till I sent out a burst of energy straight up into the sky, dimming the lighting momentarily as it swept into the gathering thunderheads. I followed it like an angry arrow.
With the speed of thought I brewed a storm unlike any witnessed since the time of the great deluge. High in the upper atmosphere I caused a mighty depression of pressure, but I kept it under control.
I spread my consciousness out to all the corners of the earth and drew in the power of the winds. Simultaneously, all over England, fantastic fingers of cloud spun in localised tornados. Lightning danced and cracked continuously as I directed the vortexes to the Fracking sites all over the land.
Every single toxic waste pond was sucked up into the high atmosphere, and contained in a single noxious sphere of death.
I plunged downwards once more passing straight into the Chamber once more.
I reached out and passed my hand through the wood of the ancient table, feeling the molecules react to my energy. I send a pulse of power out through the wood and into the floor, then up the walls. A change in frequency petrified the wood, turning it to stone.
The MPs did not notice.
They did notice however when the windows blew in all along the one wall, showering them in needle fragments. The place went mad with scrambling men and screaming women. The winds turned the room into a swirl of papers.
Some tried to push the doors, but they were unable to budge them.
Then I pulled down the Fracking waste.
It started as a fine spray, stinking and sticky. Then thousands of gallons of the toxic sludge began to flood the chamber. They trampled each other, screaming with the burning pain of the acids and worse. Knee deep turned to waste deep then to neck. I reached down deep into the earth and called for the Dragon.
The answer came with a deep rumble that shook the room and a localised quake of high magnitude. A rift formed on the floor and opened a shaft all the way to the molten magma of the mantle. Millions of gallons of waste, and the bodies of over 500 MPs vanished down the hole and burned in the heat of the Earth’s Revenge.

Scotland has declared a moratorium on Fracking.The SNP has declared it will not be allowed in Scotland until it is PROVEN safe and after a PUBLIC Consultation. Which in my book says NEVER.
The MP’s of Westminster have indeed had a vote on this too, but the Tory Party has pushed against it and the Labour party Abstained once again on a bill that could have stopped this terrible practice getting off the ground in England and Wales.
Sometimes I look at these people who run this country and despair, but it us YOU who has the power to stop them. You don’t need to die to save the world, you just need to vote. You need to send the Frackers of Westminster a clear message in this General Election.
The Green Man resides in us all, we all love our families and we all love the land on which we live.


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The Nature of Leadership

“You suffer from the oldest delusion in politics. You think you can change the world by talking to a leader. Leaders are the effects, not the causes of changes.” 


― Alasdair Gray, Lanark



I’ve always loved the quote above. I only read Lanark two years ago and although that may seem a literary crime, keep in mind that Scots literature of the modern variety is not so highlighted in the English view. It’s also no coincidence that the time I finished Lanark was during the most exciting two years British politics has seen for decades. The Independence referendum was getting into gear with debates and conversations beginning. It was up to today and continues to be a time of new discovers and perspectives for so many. The reason I have this quote so deeply embedded in my mind is that it summed up what was achieved during these last years of discussion. This culminated in the SNP Westminster landslide, Labour collapse, Green membership surge and raising in profile of groups like Common Weal, Women for Independence, Scottish Left Project, RIC etc. They are many figures that dominate the times we live in now. Have we ever seen a politician with the cunning of Alex Salmond, the crafted wit of Kat Boyd, determination of Mhairi Black, the vision and integrity of Nicola Sturgeon?


Yet for these qualities and through much of the discussion about these leaders we can forget the central truth of Gray’s statement. Leaders are but the effects not the causes. People like those above come to the fore because they are the result of a population’s consciousness and will. The societal shift in a population’s activism and sentiment make their qualities relevant and effective. We are the leaders as much as the leaders lead us. This is a clear lesson of Scottish politics and what I refer to as the ‘Scottish genius’. Scottish Labour failed for many reasons that have been expounded upon well but a more subtle one was the lack of dynamism beyond ‘the leadership’. They suffered and still do from an illusion common to British thought that gaining a new ‘visionary’ leader can fix a party, a nation and a cause. What the SNP, Greens, SSP and others garnered from the Yes campaign was the deeper knowledge that leadership relies on principle, organisation and strength of the common will. Leaders are nothing without the party, the nation, and above all the people. All the people.


But why do many in the London media and Middle English political culture believe otherwise? Watching Newsnight this week I saw Labour MPs Emily Thornberry and Mary Creagh deride Jeremy Corbyn as a man not capable of being a ‘leader’ or not ‘priminsterial’. Of course these are coded words for an encoded and static political and social culture. Those in the political class have a vested interest in propagating an idea that only a few who believe in the centrist (Thatcherite) code are capable of being a leader. What it means of course is: He is not a man of power, capable of ruling in their interests and making the decisions they need and how they need it to be done. He will question, he will make you think, and he will turn our world that we have made upside down. The question is, why do so many of us believe it? Watch any news program or even ask some of your friends and they repeat the ‘mantra of leadership’. Why?


Many in the public see images of power and confuse it with wisdom. They see single mindedness and see it as strength. They see cowardice and complicity and confuse it with credibility and competence. We can never see a change in what leadership is or means if we first don’t see people like ourselves. For almost all the people we see on TV making decisions and in popular culture are Oxbridge or Yale educated. They are well born or fawn to those well born. They talk in a certain way with words of professionalism and preach the dogma of selfishness and scapegoating. It is a self perpetuating hellish circle where as we are faced with the full might of sameness we conclude that sameness is certainty. Our elite are all the same because that is the true way. Aided in abetted by an infected media we are convinced that conformity is credibility.


But also there is moral cowardice added to the recipe. This conformity lets us off the hook. We don’t have to think (because our representatives who all agree thus stealing from the choice that democracy means) will rule for us. Finally there is a serious degree of lack of belief in ourselves. We the people in all our beauty and variety are powerful and wondrous beyond our own belief. And there lies the rub. Our own belief. We want to be ruled and not challenge because we don’t believe that people like us really deep down should have a role in governing or monitoring how we are governed. We are not only undemocratic in body but in mind too.


The lesson from Scotland is stark and clear though the revolution is not total there. We need to rethink what good politics and societal organisation mean. Why do we need ‘good leaders’ anyway? Who are leaders, the man on the TV or the branch activist? The party boss or the charity worker? The media consultant or the active citizen? At the people’s council in Oban I was surrounded by locals who understood that in order to get a better deal on all fronts they first had to realise that we are good enough to rule. That we should, that we can. For we are the causes, and leaders are the effects.

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Robert J Somynne
Robert J Somynne


The Tar Beaches Of Tailings Pond-Poems fae Paisley

The shocking dirty filthy oil spill
If its like hell on earth
Poisoning of water all living species
This will certainly kill

Billion dollar companies don’t care
Profit before environment it’s clear
For anyone to see this is reality
Toxic waste which is now the landscape

The Tar Beaches Of Tailings Pond
A land of one fine beauty has reshaped
When wildlife is destroyed just no escape
Millions of litres continue to flow

When in Alberta you dare not tread to go
Security will soon ask you to leave
The pollution to locals in such danger
Reckless by industries not hard to believe

Government lining their pockets
One must take action let others perceive
Chemical lingering the sea salt air
Various murky colors total undue care

Man made disaster killing our land faster
Tarring these beaches in such disregard
Willful lack of care and attention
Killing environments retiring with a healthy pension

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Let’s Talk Bioresonance Part 1: What Is It?

Over a year ago now, I was put in touch with a couple of Bioresonance specialists (don’t worry I will explain what it is in the course of this post) through a good friend, as one of the specialists had said they could definitely help me. In fact he said they could cure me! Now I don’t like the word cure in relation to myself.  For such a small word, it can give you very big hopes that may not happen.  So I, instead, (I guess to protect myself from further grief & disappointment related to my M.E) think of it as, it can make me better or put me in the recovery stage of this illness. Actually as I’ve learned more about the main virus that causes M.E, (the Epstein Barr virus) that is more accurate I feel & here’s why;
The Epstein Barr virus piggy backs onto other viruses, such as the flu virus or the one that causes Glandular fever, it likes to get itself deeply (the longer you have it, the deeper it is) rooted into all the body’s systems & cells (this is why there are so many symptoms with M.E) So, even though the Bioresonance treatment can eliminate this virus over time, I am still at risk at picking it up again, actually I’m at a higher risk due to the fact I’ve got it now & therefore more susceptible to getting it again. This means once the virus is completely gone, I will still have to see my specialists a couple times a year to be checked.
Now I don’t like comparing illnesses, but you could think of it this way; A person sadly gets cancer, they have treatment & the cancer is gone, (I know there’s a lot for to it but I’m making it a simple comparison) some will say they are cured, others will class themselves as being in remission or recovery.  However, because the person has now had cancer, they are at a higher risk of getting it again & so have to undergo regular checks as a precaution.  This is how it will work with me, (I will be in recovery) & I’m ok with that as it’s better to be safe than sorry.
I said above that I would explain what Bioresonance Treatment actually is, so here we go & I’ll try my best to explain in simple terms (I’ll explain it to you as I had it explained to me) as it can be quite difficult to get your head round at first.  I also ask that you keep an open mind to this as well:
Our bodies were created to “run” at certain healthy frequencies. Unfortunately, due to our current imperfect condition, our bodies frequency can be effected in a negative way by the things around us. Anything we have around us that emits it’s own frequency (mobile/cell phones, T.Vs, computers & the like) can knock off our own healthy frequency.  The viruses, parasites & bacteria that we may come into contact with & contract also run on their own frequencies. Their frequencies, also have a negative effect on our own, this causes us to become ill.
The Bioresonance machine can identify these wrong, unhealthy frequencies, tell you what the found frequency actually is (wifi radiation, geopathic stress, viruses, to name a few) & eliminate these.  It also uses healthy frequencies to get the body to start it’s natural healing process & then can help the body repair the damage that has been done by the viruses, parasites, radiation or whatever it is, that decided to live inside you. Once this is all done, your body is back to its normal healthy self. The time this can take varies depending on what illness, viruses, parasites, bacteria or radiation it’s dealing with.
Just a point of note: There are a few of makes of the actually Bioresonance machines & they differ in the frequency wave form that they use.  One sends the frequencies through your body in the form of a curved wave, (think about how you draw rolling waves of the sea) this method is completely harmless & does no damage to the body cells & tissue at all. This is how the machine I’m on works & it’s made by a company called Rayonex, I’m not in anyway endorsing them by the way, just passing on helpful information.  The other machines send the frequencies through the body in a block form wave & although this is still effective in treating you, I’ve been told that it apparently can damage the bodies tissue & cells, which is likely to cause more problems.  So if you do want to check out having this treatment, I suggest a couple of questions to be asked: What the wave form of the frequencies are? & what make the Bioresonance machines are?
This is the shortened, hopefully easier explanation of what Bioresonance is & does, but for more information, I suggest having a look at the following sites, as they might help explain it better:
This is the site for the makers of the machine I’m having my treatment on:
I think that about covers what or how the treatment works, well hopefully.  Now I’ll tell you about the actual machine, as in what you do to be treated;
Firstly, here’s what one type of the machines actually looks like:
Now let’s move to what goes where. So for starters, you get nice & comfy in your chair, (the one I’m in now is a recliner, which for me that’s great as I am better with my legs up for a prolonged length of time) But originally I was in a normal comfy chair. I had to put my bare feet on two metal plates:
Then I had to hold in each hand, two metal probes (in want for a better word) like these:
These are the contact points from which the waves produced by the Bioresonance machine enters the body.
I also had another probe, that I held but then was asked at times to place it on different parts of my body, mainly on my head, as that’s where most of my Epstein Barr resided, the crafty thing!
This probe is used when the waves need to be more intensive in certain areas of the body.  The exact location in the body is shown by the frequency given on the screen of the machine when the waves hit a problem.  It’s also with this probe that you feel machine doing it’s work, but I’ll go into that more in part two of this subject.
There is also something called a Poloariser, or Aerial, that is attached to the machine as it works:
This is also used to indicate when the frequencies hit a problem.  When all is going well & the frequencies are quite happily moving freely through your body, the Poloariser will move round in a circular motion.  When the frequencies hit a problem, the aerial will begin to move vertically & will continue to do so until the problem begins to clear & once cleared, it again goes back to it’s normal circular motion.
So you basically just sit in your comfy chair, feet on the plates, probes in hand & let the machine go about it’s work. You can even nod off if you are so inclined, unless you are like me & want to know what’s going on, what’s being checked & what the problem is when the polariser is frantically giving up & down, which it does quite strongly with me at times – Thanks Epstein Barr!
One side note, which I think is actually pretty cool, (that might be the nerdy geek me talking) is that because of the way it works, you can actually add certain frequencies to water & then when you drink it, you are essentially putting those frequencies into your body. Yes I know that does seem a bit “out there” & hard to comprehend but come on in the medical age we live in, it’s surely not that unbelievable? A couple of weeks ago, one of my specialists gave me two bottles of water that contained cellular energy (I’m not allowed energy in any other form as he doesn’t want me running around before the damage in my body is completely repaired) in them to help my cells & Mitochondria gain some extra energy.
He also asked that I bring to my next appointment, a few 2litre bottles of water for him. This time, while I was having my treatment, he had the pack of water stood on two of the metal plates your feet to on & the treatment I was getting, the water was also getting. So I’m now drinking the water (it doesn’t effect the taste) & having extra treatment until I go back in two weeks time!  Mind.Blown!
So there you have it I guess, that pretty much sums up Bioresonance Treatment in the least complicated way I could possibly master.  As you can see, I’m certainly no expert on this, but I feel like I’ve got a decent understanding of it & what it’s doing to me in order to make me better. I really hope the information & explanation I’ve given has helped & if you want to know more, please feel free to ask me. Also don’t forget to check out the links I’ve given, they will hopefully help.
In Part two, I will be sharing my own personal experience with this treatment, my diagnosis & how it actually feels while having it. My first experience of it was pretty interesting to say the least & I feel like sharing that will at least let anyone who is thinking of trying this, know what to expect, as I wasn’t sure at all & as such, my adrenalin levels were through the roof leading up to my first treatment. But anyways, enough of that for now.
I hope you are all doing well, or are as well as can be & taking care.
All info provided by Louise

Tiredness Kills…



This week, I have been driving around all around this great little country which, with immense pride, I call home. Wales. After visiting family and friends from earning a well relaxed break in Malta, (which I would advise you to definitely visit!) I was driving back home when my mind wandered inevitably to politics and what the next few months hold in store for Wales.

One thing that I deduced was certain, exciting times definitely lie ahead!

Whilst thinking about all this, driving home in the wet and drizzle, an overhead illuminated sign caught my attention. “Tiredness Kills: Take A Break.”

Now, for many drivers, that isn’t anything new and the same applies to me. I have seen this sign many times before, issuing safety on the roads and of course, we must pay attention. But this sign caught me in a different way, in a political way.

Thinking about that sign, I came to the conclusion that it was the perfect analogy for the state that Welsh politics has become.

Let me explain…

Ever since Devolution was granted to Wales, back in 1997 and the first elections were held 2 years later, the Welsh Assembly has only ever had one driver at the wheel of the car that is our beloved Nation. ‘Welsh’ Labour.

Election after election, ‘Welsh’ Labour have been in charge of our affairs, and quite frankly, it’s becoming quite tiresome, and it is starting to show. The cracks are starting to appear.

The state of Welsh politics today has become, in my eyes, no other word than ‘stale’, disenchanting many voters and putting them off politics all together, resulting in poor election turnouts and all because one party has been driving us continuously down a one-way street, an in my opinion, up the wall!

People in Wales have, unfortunately, become disillusioned with their political life. We all have one, and it’s up to us to use it. Labour are, and have been for a long time, in the habit of taking your vote for granted. Just look at the atrocity of the Welsh Labour MP’s who abstained regarding the welfare Bill. One even issuing a statement after abstaining stating he would vote against the Tory cuts!

Getting your votes and being elected seemed the only thing that matters. Now that the General Election is over, they have disappeared like phantoms into the corridors of power. Suddenly, we don’t matter anymore. It’s ‘them’ over ‘us’.

Should why do we continue to fall for them? We vote for them, subsequently complain for 5 years, and then vote for them again come the next election, as though nothing ever happened. They must be held to account.

Now, whenever I have the great joy of visiting my friends in the North, in the Lochs and Glens of Bonnie Scotland, I am always struck by an unnameable force. Yes, there is the beauty, (though compared to hills and valleys of Wales, I will have to disagree!) the wonderful language of Gaelic (which I want to see used right across Scotland!) and the great friendliness of the people, there is an invisible energy in the air that I simply love and am quite frankly addicted to!

In my opinion, I believe that this, somehow, is energy from the political impact of the SNP radiating from Holyrood and being felt by all in Scotland. From Gretna in the South and across the Lowlands right up to the Highlands and Islands in the North, this is a force to be reckoned with.

What’s more, after the peaceful democratic revolution of the Independence Referendum, held back in September, Scottish politics has been given a hell of a boost and crackles with intense fervour on the tongue of nearly every person in Scotland. The people are very much in control.

And that is what is missing from us in Wales. Although we have the magic of our 600+ castles and fascinating history, we lack the spirit of our national politics which must seek to help all in Wales that has become so evident up North. I mean, just look at the Scottish General Election result!

Furthermore, there must be a cause of this laissez-faire attitude that has become the status quo of Welsh politics in the last decade, which I believe falls squarely on the tiny shoulders of the twig like branch office called ‘Welsh’ Labour.

Returning to the analogy, they, as our driver for the last 16 years, have become quite content in the driving seat and taken their foot of the accelerator and put on the cruise control. Quite frankly, they are letting someone else do the driving, and that is no-one else but their fat-cat bosses in Westminster.

From what I see, this must stop, and stop for good in May. Although Wales has its own Assembly and is a law-making body, with Welsh Labour in control, Wales is treated no-more than a puppet on strings. With David Cameron as our puppeteer, they pull the string attached to us, those of the Assembly and even those attached to the so-called ‘First Minister’ Carwyn Jones.

When Westminster tugs at the strings, Wales can do nothing but jump as a result. We must cut these attachments to us now if we want to get our voice, our eyes and even our body, back. The National Assembly for Wales must have a Government that is capable of standing UP to Westminster and not this tired, lacklustre Government which stands ASIDE for Westminster’s cruel, damaging and as awe-inspiring Mhairi Black put it, ‘outdated’ traditions and laws.

A proper democracy is where the people are in control, not another political establishment. So when May comes around, we need to stop the car and yank the driver out! We need a new driver who will put their pedal to the metal and get Wales moving again, in the right direction and who will put the people at the steering wheel. And neither, the Tories nor Labour or indeed, any Westminster party are fit for that job. That belongs to us. The Welsh people.

So if it isn’t a Westminster party that is looking out for us, then who is? Only one party is active in Wales of whose politics does not owe its allegiance to Westminster. It is the Welsh Nationalist Party: Plaid Cymru.

Their main ambition is to put us, the people, in charge of our own destiny and let us think for ourselves. After all, who knows what is better for our Nation: A cabinet situated 150 miles away from the Welsh Assembly or us, the people? It’s time we thought for ourselves and brought power closer to the people.

We need to apply the brakes quite firmly on this Welsh Labour Government’s doting dependence on Westminster when all Westminster does in return is give us the scraps from the table which is meant to seat 4 but only has 3 seats. England, Scotland and Northern Ireland get a seat each whilst poor, defenceless Wales is left to eat the scraps off the floor. This isn’t good enough! We deserve better!

So, in the upcoming election, we seriously need to reflect as a Nation about what we want for the next 5 years. Another 5 where the cruise control is kept on, where Westminster still pulls the strings and where, it seems, the Welsh First Minister has very little power?

Or do you want to be in control? Where you come first. Where your First Minister puts you at the heart of political life? Think about it.

In the meantime: Welsh Labour, I have a message for you. Tiredness Can Kill: Take A Break.

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Superstar or Great Pretender


So is he the great pretender or is Jeremy Corbyn the superstar left-wing Labourites hope he is, well I think time will decide but if the mainstream media is anything to go by he could be the anti-Christ which usually means he is a godsend. The rise and rise of Corbyn from let him in to the labour leadership race for the sake of having a left-wing candidate to bookies favourite has the papers and right-wing media practically bricking it. Why well let’s have a look the Labour party since its general election melt down have been telling anyone who would listen that it was because of fact they started leaning to the left and because of the nasty little SNP (SNP bad SNP bad).

So when the leadership race came up the fact that the candidates where Andy honest I’m not right-wing I support Everton Burnham, Yvette sorry did I mention I’m with Ed Balls Cooper and the other one you know the Thatcherite which led to cry’s where’s the left-wing candidate, step forward Jeremy Corbyn who only made it in by the skin of his beard.

Well now with 4 candidates labour thought all bases covered, time to move on and see which of the 3 right of centre politicians will win and just Ignore Corbyn but to labours dismay and especially the media Corbyns anti austerity, anti-nuclear and the most shocking of all I don’t want to be like the Tories I am left wing so like it or lump it has gone down a storm and people in England are flocking back to labour in their droves , unions are falling over them self’s to get in with him, infact the only people  in England who are not are the MPs in Westminster apart from the SNP and about 50 labour MPs .

It seems like Labours worse nightmare is coming true but me personally I believe it could be the best thing to happen to them and British politics for generations an anti-nuclear leader in opposition would be fantastic. Now if you believe the papers which I don’t the Conservatives want Corbyn to win because it makes Labour unelectable well with the media against him and south of England pretty much right-wing it could be hard but I think the Tories are only saying this because like the media they are bricking it too. You see uk is basically 2 party politics Labour win or Tories win with the 3rd option Labour coalition win or tory coalition win so with labours swing to the right for the last 2 decades uk has had the choice tory or torylite but if Corbyn takes over Labour it will be right vs left and as Scotland Greece Spain and others have shown Left is back with a bang.

So when the cuts really kick in and as everyone knows Tory’s only know how to alienate a nation, so when uk swings it can only swing left which leaves the LibDems as a void vote cause Labour will be more left-wing than them remember they fancy 3 trident subs not 4 and backed the cuts and the greens well Corbyn is a green backer too so they will leak votes and after the E.U referendum when we all know Cameron will bow to his paymasters big business and back staying in so again more Tory voters will leak off to UKIP.

Seems Corbyn might just have a chance after all oh I can see the Suns front page headline NO BRITAIN WHAT HAVE YOU DONE as the UK wakes up to a Labour election win by Majority or in a coalition with the SNP cause mark my words Corbyn would not make the same mistake as Miliband when dealing with the SNP question . Which brings us to Scotland could Labour regain dominance in Scotland under Corbyn I doubt it very much unless he promises us full fiscal autonomy which I think he could but would he be better to deal with for Indyref2 when it happens and trust me it will, I think so as a man who believes in truth and honesty it could be worked out properly and a better bond and working alliance between an independent Scotland and rest of UK could be forged.

So Pretender or Superstar well as I said at start we will have to see and as we scots know when you go up against big business and the media it’s a tough battle to win but here’s hoping he does even if it’s only to see the Daily Mail cry, Murdock to have a mental breakdown and the BBC to self-combust, if only.

featured image created by Brian Falconer who you can follow on twitter at @FalconerBrian