When Will We Act

To my amazement today I sat down to hear of a story of monkey skulls, stuffed birds of prey, reptiles, ivory and even tiger’s head where discovered in a raid on a house. Now where was this raid China maybe India even or perhaps somewhere in Africa, well you would be wrong wait for it Newton Abbott in Devon. I know Devon not really renowned for its illegal animal trade but in this day in age should we really be surprised. It seems that a 40 year old man was caught trying to smuggle a chameleon in formaldehyde customs which led to the raid and the discovery of the other endangered species and parts.

It seems as a human race when it comes to our animal brothers we just don’t give a toss, we argue about fox hunting to use dogs or not use dogs an argument which will be debated in the house of commons this year well how about we just don’t hunt them at all any sport which leads to an animal’s death isn’t a sporting death it’s murder plain and simple. Try and tell me that the African reserves that raise lions and wildlife to be hunted by rich Foreigner’s isn’t wrong and I can feel you all nod your head in approval so what’s the difference well none.Now we all sit and tut when we see these stories in papers, social media and on the news but how many of us actually do anything and I am as guilty as the next person.

50% of all elephants in Mozambique have been lost to poachers in 5 years
50% of all elephants in Mozambique have been lost to poachers in 5 years

Now I hear you say what can I do sitting on my couch in Inverness or making my cuppa in Reading it’s not like we can troop around the world like Superman saving Rhinos and all the rest of the endangered species and you would be right. But you see there is something you can do and before you shake your head I know times are tight and every penny counts but for £15 a month you could join Greenpeace which fight the good cause for all species as well as the environment or for £4.50 a month you can join W.W.F sponsor an animal and make a difference my kids did and they get monthly letters to see the great work they do.

We in UK to be fair are pretty good when it comes to animal rights unlike Bulgaria(renowned for their dancing bears  in which the animals are treated. some of the most barbaric ways) where their tourism industry are openly advertising and encouraging you to go there and hunt their Bears even though it’s illegal and carries a 3 year sentence but the real tragedy is Africa a beautiful country with wonderful people and a majestic array of wildlife but still seem intent on destroying these animals with a carelessness of a kid disposing a crisp packet in a bin. In Mozambique in the last 5 years they have managed to lose 50% of their Elephant’s to poachers that’s just sad and their Government don’t seem to have an answer to stop it. In one raid in the country 340 Elephant tusks and 64 Rhino horns where discovered which led to 2 Chinese men being arrested. Where will it end well if we don’t take notice soon with the extinction of some of the greatest animals to have walked this planet.


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Fracking For Facts

                       Fracking well what can you say the Government tell us it’s safe and will make the country money and create jobs where as Greenpeace and just about every other environment group on the planet tell us that it’s a disaster waiting to happen, so who’s telling the truth. Well to be fair to the Government it will make bucket loads of cash in America fracking was making the Government as much cash if not more than their oil wells and jobs well it will be a growing business so I suppose that’s true too. But is it safe well no seems to be the answer in America there has been reports some very worrying indeed. In 2009 in Addo Parish LA16 cattle were found dead at a natural gas well site after apparently drinking a mysterious fluid near a drilling rig and at least one worker said the fluids were used in the hydraulic fracturing process. More recently, in April 2010, hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes after a natural gas well blowout contaminated a drinking water aquifer. It was not clear what contaminants were in the water, but residents were told not to drink it or even wash their clothes in it. But there are more and more just type in fracking disasters on the internet and you will be shocked by the results,  multiple US studies now confirm the dangers shale gas can have on  humans and the environment and they believe it’s fool hardy for Europe to be jumping into it so quickly. Here’s some more facts for you

“Between 2005 and 2009, the 14 oil and gas service companies used more than 2,500 hydraulic fracturing products containing 750 chemicals and other components. Overall, these companies used 780 million gallons of hydraulic fracturing products – not including water added at the well site – between 2005 and 2009.

Some of the components used in the hydraulic fracturing products were common and generally harmless, such as salt and citric acid [though do you want these added to your groundwater?]. Some were unexpected, such as instant coffee and walnut hulls. And some were extremely toxic, such as benzene and lead.

The most widely used chemical in hydraulic fracturing during this time period, as measured by the number of compounds containing the chemical, was methanol. Methanol, which was used in 342 hydraulic fracturing products, is a hazardous air pollutant and is on the candidate list for potential regulation under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

“Between 2005 and 2009, the oil and gas service companies used hydraulic fracturing products containing 29 chemicals that are (1) known or possible human carcinogens, (2) regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act for their risks to human health, or (3) listed as hazardous air pollutants under the Clean Air Act. These 29 chemicals were components of more than 650 different products used in hydraulic fracturing.

“The BTEXClean Air Act. Benzene also is a known human carcinogen. The hydraulic fracturing companies injected 11.4 million gallons of products containing at least one BTEX chemical over the five year period. Compounds – benzene, toluene, xylene, and ethylbenzene – appeared in 60 of the hydraulic fracturing products used between 2005 and 2009. Each BTEX compound is a regulated contaminant under the Safe Drinking Water Act and a hazardous air pollutant under the Clean Air Act. Benzene also is a known human carcinogen. The hydraulic fracturing companies injected 11.4 million gallons of products containing at least one BTEX chemical over the five year period.

Fracking is not as safe as they would have you believe
Fracking is not as safe as they would have you believe

You see the facts are out there and the Government don’t seem to want you to know about it why well as I said before there is buckets and buckets worth of money to be made and here’s some other little fact for you to know any WATER USED IN PROCESS CAN NEVER BE PURIFIED OR USED AGAIN EVER. There is places in America than have run out or are about to run out of water it’s just crazy.

to read more on Fracking visit frackfreeryedale.org  (who I would like to thank for allowing me to use their info) and  greenpeace.org.uk

Picutre of fracking site  Featured image Fracking site Lancashire .

Dealing Us Down The River

Over and over again the letters TTIP come up now I didn’t have a clue what TTIP was never mind what it stood for , but time and again I heard nurses and doctors say it would be a disaster for NHS, so I waited for the news channels and media to report on it but silence. Then on social media I heard food experts warning about pesticides and lower regulations on the food we would be buying from our stores , wait a minute I thought how’s TTIP going to effect food and NHS ( once again media silence).

So what is this disaster waiting to happen, well  TTIP is an agreement in trade or more exactly (oh wait there is that a demo I see on Facebook against TTIP oh no main media coverage again) transatlantic trade agreement which allows America and Europe too do business easier well what’s the problem then. Well it seems our bankers are well up for it (ALARM BELLS) because Americas banking laws are stricter than ours that means theirs will have to relax letting our lot really mess it up next time around. (Oh wait something on main media Lord Livingston says critics are misguided and possibly driven by antipathy towards America eh?).

Oh  What are they doing
Oh What are they doing

So what are the nurses worried about then, well it seems if the deal goes through this will open the door for American firms to flock in buy (Oh what are they doing?)up chunks of the NHS contracts and before you can say “never trust a tory” the NHS will be privatised and we will all be paying to go to the hospital. So what about the food, well the just of all these agreements seem to be our laws will have to find a common ground with the US’s laws and when it comes to food across the water their laws are pretty relaxed.

In American 70% of all processed food sold in their supermarkets have genetically modified ingredients while in the EU allows virtually none and it seems the US are less strict on their pesticides as well and don’t even mention the growth  hormones they use in beef which we don’t use due to the link to cancer. The other startling fact that the EU seems to be admitting that the agreement will almost certainly cost jobs as companies move to the states. Well it seems the genie is leaking out the bottle as more and more people find out about it and are seeing it for what it is and good for them, but wait it doesn’t matter it seems we don’t have a say (ah that’s why main media ignore it) it seems they don’t want us to know until it’s too late it (in may nearly 25,000 people took to the streets in London, Berlin, Paris  and in Romania to protest oh no media reports again). It seems this is the latest move by governments and big business to relax laws to make more money while giving the public a rotten deal( as per normal then). So if you feel as rotten about this as I do I beg you start  finding out more and contact local groups to show support against this and get on to your local MP to complain . TTIP maybe the worst deal since Chelsea paid 50m for Torres but hey it will not be the last time big business and the government sells us down the river.


Picture Jesus provided by Louise Farquharson

featured image http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biya_River  by Dmitri melnikov



Karma Carmicheal

Welcome, seekers of coruscating wit and effervescent humour. Hope you’ve brought a fiendish Sudoku and a packed lunch with you, because I’m finding it tricky to write decent jokes with steam coming out of my ears and my frenetic hammering turning the keyboard into a pile of melted marshmallows.

“These things happen.” A statement of stultifying complacency that we now realise was the casual malice of a mugger gloating over his victim. So, as Alistair Carmichael eases his buttocks snugly on to a Commons bench, smirking all over his jammy fizzog, what things are going to happen next? Unless the UK establishment is forced to change the record and stop being a refuge for smug, double-dealing fartbags, nothing. Not a sausage. Bugger all.

It’s difficult to think of anything more galling over the next five years than Carmichael serenely drifting along as one of the new Lib Dem leader’s Seven Dwarves, stirring his carcass only to lob pat-a-cake Scottish Questions at his fully-washable-knitwear successor Mr Mundell, while the 56 SNP MPs get pilloried for every damn thing they say or do. Ooh, took oath in Gaelic, that’s subversive, may have sneaked in a terrorist sub-text. Ooh, took it in Scots, that’s primitive, is it even a language? Ooh, missed out ‘Queen’, better watch that one in case she puts laxatives in the punch-bowl at the next garden party.

First things first. This is like volunteering to have toothache, but Carmichael’s admission has led to the same old lorryload of drivel being

it seems MPs can say what they want now
it seems MPs can say what they want now

tipped over us again, implying that Nicola really did talk out of turn. So I need to set out the facts once more, in the hope that the cloth-eared media and the Scottish Labour Trolling Ragtime Band will stop sucking their thumbs and pay attention this time.

The Cabinet Office Enquiry report does not say that the leaked memo was accurate. It says that the civil servant who wrote it thought it was accurate, but left open a thundering great possibility that he might have got the part about Nicola‘s comments wrong. And the two people who took part in the actual conversation, plus the French Consul General, who was also present and became the source of the civil servant’s information, have confirmed that he indeed got it wrong. He reported in good faith, only to have the Secretary of State kick him in the teeth by feeding his confidential document into the Telegraph’s whirly-splat propaganda muck-spreader. But, as his own antennae suggested, Nicola simply didn’t express the words and opinions he attributed to her.

One other initial observation. The memo only got into Carmichael’s clammy paws, indeed was only written at all, because of Westminster’s inability to mind its own bleedin’ business. I wonder if, once Mr Cameron’s finished making Scotland the most powerful devolved administration this side of Alpha Centauri, our First Minister will be allowed to have grown-up discussions with foreign diplomats without the Scotland Office peering creepily over her shoulder?

Anyway, imagine this memo, potentially embarrassing for the SNP but with a caveat so huge you could wrap a double-decker bus in it, landing with a dull thud on the desk of Carmichael’s teenage sidekick. In any operation that wasn’t either Toytown or a shameless front for dirty tricks, it shouldn’t have crossed anyone’s mind to leak it for any reason – especially poxy, intelligence-insulting bilge such as “public interest”, which our lords and masters keep shoving at us, presumably to show how much they despise us.

Carmichael says he “should have stopped it”, as if it’s all his wicked assistant’s fault and his error was in not paying attention until it was too late. Sure, that looks likely: the assistant standing in the doorway asking “Well, boss, should I grossly abuse protocol by leaking this unlikely-looking, easily disprovable smear that will totally piss off the French, just because our polling figures look like crap?” and Carmichael, with his gob full of chocolate cake and his mind on a game of Candy Crush Saga, mumbling “Yeah, whatever.”

Or does “should have stopped it” have a different meaning? Is Carmichael, who if the tools in the box were assessed for sharpness would be on a par with an ice lolly stick, being set up as a fall guy for a wider conspiracy? Did the boys in the Better Together band decide to re-unite for one final cacophonous gig? Finding gap-toothed marvel Willie Rennie wandering the streets at just the right time to provide a quote may have been coincidence, but the uncanny speed with which several Scottish Labour luminaries opened up with small-arms fire on Twitter suggests either a degree of orchestration or a lot of sad people with nothing to do on a Friday night.

But let’s return to the man of the moment, and another stunning quote: it was an “error of judgment”. I’m sure Carmichael would never foist on us the politician’s trick of confusing moral lapses with travelling the wrong way down a one-way street, so obviously the “judgment” was that he wouldn’t get caught. This turned out to be erroneous on a Michael Fish “don’t worry, ma’am, no hurricane” scale, since all Sir Jeremy Heywood had to do was identify the source of the calls to the Telegraph as the assistant’s mobile, and there was Carmichael bang to rights, trousers round ankles, hands red as a pillar box and face to match.

In passing, sorry to be narky, and I do humbly appreciate the silky-smooth thoroughness of the UK Civil Service, but, since even Inspector Clouseau would have found this case un morceau de gateau, why by all the toasting forks in Hades did it take Sir Jeremy and his team of razor-sharp intellects 48 days and a reputed £1.4 million of taxpayers’ money to nail it? The voters of Orkney and Shetland, who by any rational analysis have been blatantly conned, might consider a straight answer to this to be in the public interest.

Which brings us to the real elephant, not just in the room, but splayed on the sofa sipping a Pina Colada and hogging the remote. When Carmichael was interviewed on Channel 4 the day after the leak, and maintained the first he’d heard of the whole thing was in a phone call from the Telegraph the previous afternoon, he was plainly and simply lying to us all. No ifs, no buts, no Clintonesque micro-tweaking of language, no “cor, guv, it just slipped my mind”; he lied like a silly schoolboy, his little Zebedee head nodding and grinning manically, with not the faintest notion of how pathetic he looked.

Now that the horse is cantering over the horizon with the stable door swinging in the breeze, Carmichael blithely asserts that if he’d still been in the job he’d have “tendered his resignation”. And he’s graciously “declined” his severance pay.   Blimey, must get down to Poundland to buy a bag of party poppers.

Look, mate, you used Government resources to smear the leader of your electoral opponents, then by lying about it you effectively stood for election under false pretences. For that, you shouldn’t have the option of resigning; a burly bloke from Security should be frogmarching you out of the building, while your personal effects get chucked out of the window in a bin bag. Your “severance pay” should be a down payment on the £1.4 million you owe us for wasting everyone’s time. But most of all, the voters of Orkney and Shetland deserve an opportunity to decide whether they really want to be represented by a proven – and so far unapologetic – liar.

The clueless Lib Dems have said they’ll take no action against Carmichael. Yes, a party that contributed a perjurer and an expenses cheat to the last UK Cabinet, and gave an alleged serial groper the benefit of the doubt over the complaints of four different women, has learned the square root of diddly-squat from its election cull. Looks as if we’ll need to get the extra-strength Domestos out again in 2020.

Elsewhere, it’s heartening to see some moves afoot to hold Carmichael to account. The mainstream media can envelop this in whatever blanket of smart-arsery, smokescreen or silence they like. The internet age has taken us long past the time when the establishment could fiddle about until scandals simply blew over; now we’re as mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it any more. Let’s write, shout, protest, agitate and petition until cheats like this are driven from public life and we never hear the words “just one of these things” again.

There may be revelations to come, and these shenanigans may run deeper than we suspect. But let’s not hang around in eager anticipation.  It’s time to make a start on cleaning the place up.

Carmichael must go.

Picture “Alistair Carmichael at Glasgow 2014” by Keith Edkins – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

you can read more from William at williamduguid.blogspot.com

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It Don’t Make Sense

Well after harassing many people to write for this site telling and informing people about their view’s on what’s happening in the uk and world, I thought it would be a bit rich if i didn’t do likewise. So i have decided to try and persuade you to take up the cause for getting rid of trident. You see in my view and many others Trident is nothing more than a waste of money which breeds fear and anger across the globe plus it’s only use is to kill all life on the planet. Now i will admit i’m no expert on the subject but i have been reading up on it which i suggest if your reading this you should too.

In the UK we have just elected a Tory Government who seem hellbent on renewing Trident at a cost of £100 billion yes a £100 billion. That’s a hell of a lot of money when they are cutting disability benefits , food banks are rife , there are more and more
people falling into poverty. That money could for arguments sake cancel tuition fees for 4 million students or fully fund all A&E services for 40 years, its a joke to make matters worse the Labour party back this plan and the liberal Democrats bless their little souls want to only have 3 not 4 new subs. We in britain saw the SNP in Scotland, Plaid Cymru in Wales and the Green party all come out against this policy but we all know as long as the Tories and labour want it there’s not much we can do about it or can we? Well you can contact your local M.P and try to persuade them to not back the plan but a more likely idea is too join up and give you backing to CND and Greenpeace .

You see the absurdity of this you see is we would be breaking just about every international law if we actually used it.The International

greenpeace logo
Greenpeace campaign hard for the scrapping of trident

Court of Justice ruled in 1996 the threat or use of nuclear weapons would be contrary to the rules of International Law  and the excuse the big boys use that it’s a deterrent well it seems to me to have only made other countries want to have them or want them Iran, Russia, North Korea and China thus setting up the so called military-industrial complex which to you and me means we need bigger guns than them so we will spend the peoples money on it. In the UK alone we spend 5 times as much public research spending than we do on renewable energy .

If you want to read more on this issue i highly recommend you visit greenpeace.org.uk or to www.cnduk.org



Keeping the Faith

The Election results are in the Conservatives have got back in Milliband resigned , Clegg resigned , Farage resigned (then decided to stay) and the SNP stormed to 56 out of the 59 seats available in Scotland . Now the SNP dramatic rises caught many outside of Scotland by surprise but not the scots , you see many thought after the referendum that the SNP genie would go back in the bottle not realising it had actually smashed the bottle on the way out . Within hours off the result coming in scots where joining the SNP by the droves and Tommy Sheridan had announced on social media that all should side with the SNP .

man sitting eating lunch hile filming rally
supporter Ian Russell takes a break

You see like him or loathe him Tommy during the referendum had become the face for the Hope Over Fear rallies which had taken Glasgow by storm with people travelling from all over the country to attend . Many different groups and even some celebrities took turns to speak to the crowd projecting Hope for abetter future for Scotland and within hours of the referendum Tommy had announced there would be another Hope over Fear rally just over aweek later.  I’m not saying Hope over Fear was the catalyst for this SNP landslide in Scotland that credit goes to the candidates, the canvassers ( heroes everyone) and the force that was Nicola Sturgeon but it helped there’s no doubt about  that especially in Glasgow . So to the people behind the Hope over Fear rallies and it takes many, many people  to organise well done pat your self’s on the back for a job well done but I got the feeling they don’t think the job’s finished yet and maybe it’s not. As my father would say keep the faith.

You can read more about Hope over Fear in the 2 articles Charley’s Journey and in Make Them Notice

anti fracking banner
anti fracking was one of many things Hope over Fear protested against

Pictures provided by Jacqui Donald

The Rise Of Tactical Voting

Well here’s a surprise with all the talk of tactical voting online( with groups popping up like George Galloway at a free publicity stunt) we now have  YouGov the impartial pollster the day after showing SNP polling on 49%{ with the chance to claim 53 seats labour on 4 and the coalition  tories and libdems 1 each) They have decided to publish a hypothetical one showing what could happen if the other 3 parties did tactical vote, according to YouGov it could see labour jump from 25% to 37% torys from 18% to 29% and libdems to 26% from 4% now not that I’m counting but that totals 82% so I take it they are saying only 1 of these parties can get the boost by tactical voting if the SNP get their projected 49%. So my question would be who votes for who skys chief political correspondent Jon Craig reckons this could even save Douglas Alexander god I hope not if there was ever a Scottish politician to get his books it’s the sultan of smug, saying that murphy the leech we could do with out and there’s Curran oh the choices . Whatever way you look at it the underlining problem the SNP have is even the media are now pushing the tactical voting, it seems they will stop at nothing to try and stop the SNP’s push for Westminster ,now  with sky, BBC, the press and now YouGov(who would have asked for this poll anyway) pushing for tactical voting it seems to be deemed fair game. But it didn’t stop there within days you had UKIP chief Nigel the Farage in the papers telling UKIP supporters to vote tory in seats where UKIP weren’t expected to win and it didn’t stop there,the Telegraph printed a list of 30 seats in Scotland where tactical voting could defeat the SNP even a campaign group popped up in Perthshire urging LibDem and Labour voters to vote Tory to stop the SNP . I remember when your vote was your vote your expression of freedom not now which to be fair I think is sad but I suppose these days in politics anything goes as the politicians constantly prove to us . But will it make a difference probably in the big picture probably not in case off say Jim Murphy stands in East Renfrewshire in a Lord Ashcroft poll he was 8 points behind then a week later was just 3 good campaigning I hear you say no actually the SNP mark hadn’t changed but the Torys had dropped by 5 leading Lord Ashcroft to presume that the tory voters where now tactically voting to stop the SNP. But wait they are voting Labour to stop the SNP getting to Westminster to help Labour defeat the Torys by sending another Labour MP to Westminster sorry but that just seems totally dumb but that might be just me .Whatever the result and by the time you read this the votes will have been cast and we will know how is the winner is but this campaign has taught me one thing it’s not about who will do best for your vote anymore just make sure the one you don’t like doesnae win shame shame .

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The Call Yourself Whatever You like Party

I received a Scottish Labour campaign leaflet through my door this afternoon; I picked it up with an uncontrollable groan as I cast my eyes across more empty rhetoric on our supposed NHS crisis.  NHS crisis klaxon is the new oil is running out klaxon, just in case you didn’t know. I was just about to crumple it up and chuck it in the recycling bin when the imprint caught my eye:


“Promoted by Brian Roy, Scottish General Secretary, on behalf of the Scottish Labour Party…”

Wait, what?  That can’t be right, surely?

We all know there is no such thing as the Scottish Labour Party, it’s an accounting unit of UK Labour blah blah; I know, I know, no seriously I know, stop it.

I already covered in my last blog post how Jim Murphy had been leading the Scottish electorate in the merry dance of pretending that by voting for Labour’s Scottish MPs in May it would somehow enable them to enact upon devolved issues which are the responsibility of the SNP-led Scottish Government, but now it seems as though Jim Murphy is trying to deceive us into believing that Scottish Labour are an actual party separate to that of Ed Miliband’s.

Let me just say with absolute clarity, they are not a separate party.  They are one and the same.  Every single one of Labour’s Scottish MPs standing for election is standing for Ed Miliband’s party, not Jim Murphy’s branch office.

If by some holy miracle Jim Murphy is elected and leads what is left of Labour’s Scottish MPs down to Westminster, they will be faced with the choice of toeing Ed Miliband’s party line, or acting as parliamentary rebels.

There is no separate platform.  There are no separate policies.  There is one leader of Labour who gets to choose the agenda for Scotland at this general election and his name isn’t Jim Murphy.

Remember that the next time Jim Murphy claims he doesn’t need Ed Miliband’s approval, because unless Jim is planning on creating his own wee independent parliament with just him and Labour’s Scottish MPs and telling Miliband to do one, he doesn’t really have much choice in the matter.

Perhaps the SNP could start putting “The We Aren’t Tied To A UK Master Scottish National Party” on all of their general election campaign material, since it would appear that you can just call yourself whatever you like regardless of whether or not you’re a registered party with that name.



You can follow Alexandra  McArthur on myweemusings.wordpress.com   or on twitter at @Alexx_McArthur

Labour logo by en.wikipedia.org

A Journey Into Politics

A few years ago I was a normal 40 something women who just got her voting card went along to the ballot box and put my x in the box

with a Labour Politician on it, most of the time not even knowing the name of the candidate until I got there. All that changed with the onset of the Referendum. I would read newspapers, listen to the news and soak in what they were saying, it took me a while to realise that it was regurgitated lies, now I no longer read newspapers, apart from the Sunday Herald, or watch the news, if I want to know anything that is going on I log onto the internet or social media sites. The news programmed me and others to not like Alex Salmond but the more I looked into his political decisions the more I began to realise that he is a man of integrity and I was wrong about him, don’t get me wrong I will never be a member of the SNP but I will be voting for them in the General Election in May 2015.

I realised along the way that I am a Socialist, I believe in helping those that cannot help themselves, I believe in the rich paying more tax to help those less privileged and Socialism is no longer a dirty word, which in my opinion since 1994 with the death of John Smith it has been. The more I looked into the people who are in The Labour Party the more I realised that the Labour Party is no longer the party of the people, it no longer stands up for what it once was and because of that I will never vote Labour again. The amount of millionaires who are part of The Labour Party is obscene; some have only become millionaires since joining. I became a member of Solidarity

edinburgh castle at night
Jacqui’s home of Edinburgh has seen great changes in the political landscape in the last 18months

Scotland because of the Yes Campaign and after the General Election I will vote for the person who stands for them.

I believe that the Yes Campaign has opened so many peoples eyes to what is actually going on politically in not only Scotland but beyond,

i.e. in the rest of the UK and Europe and that can only be a good thing as people need to become more aware so that they no longer do what

I used to do at the ballot box. I will try my best to get the message out there to people who don’t use the internet or social media sites.The UK Government want us Scots to go back in our box and be quiet but what they don’t realise is that its never going to happen, we have become more politically aware, we know things that we can never un know and because of that we want to have a say in how politics affect us and our surroundings.

The UK Government is in for one big surprise come next May as we will stand up and be counted and we will send Politicians to

jacqui donald portrait
Jacqui Donald has had a political Awakening

Westminster who are wanting an Independent Scotland.

 as we vote to oust as many Labour, Lib Dem and Tory Politicians as possible from Scotland, and I believe that in doing so we will get an Independent Scotland sooner rather than later, by doing that we will be able to show the people of the rest of the UK that they can and should find their political voices so that they can become Independent Countries also or at the very least show them that by voting tactically they could change the outcome of who is the next Prime Minister of the rest of the UK as we will have our own Prime Minister who will make sure that our poor and vulnerable are looked after.

pictures provided by Jacqui Donald


An Ode To Bella Bateman And Wings


January 2014 I sat on my couch moaning to my better half about the upcoming referendum that year the media coverage constantly leaving me frustrated . How could these reports on the beeb be true I might have left Scotland a decade before but I knew the oil and gas the fisheries whisky tourism where all positives surely all these stories about Scotland the poor couldn’t be right. Then I remembered a talk I had with my father 25 years earlier, he told me ever paper is in a major political parties pocket so you should only by the local paper the record mirror for labour the sun who ever suited it at the time and the rest tory now and the tv companies for whoever is in power at the time .

bellacaladonia image of scottish women with a large thistle

At the time I just thought my dad was being bitter he still to this day hasn’t got over the referendum vote in the 70s but I gave him a phone that day and he told me do your own research son , so I did. I became an internet geek scouring the internet for any piece of information that I could find but still felt it wasn’t enough then my better half suggested get on facebook and twitter and my life changed forever so many scots where out there doing and looking for exactly the something I was looking for truth honesty and a different point of view.

wings over scotland logo
wings over scotland

I came across new friends on twitter who sent me in the direction of Wings over Scotland, Derek Bateman and BellaCaladonia , boy was I in for a treat . First I looked up Wings and the reverend stu I was hooked this website seemed to pride itself on educating the people on media spin while debunking just about every smear and belittling story about Scotland sure I hear you say maybe it was just indy spin but I went out my way to research his stories and to my pleasure he was on the ball every time I was a believer and it seemed scots where also turning to wings in there droves. The little blue book which wings produced was as enlightening a read as political book I had ever read and once the media started trying to smear the website I just knew I had a friend for life.   Next I discovered bellacaladonia and once again my heart was uplifted different from wings but not any less educating different writers all

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Derek Bateman

sharing common ground fairness and truth an excellent read every time and then I came across the cherry on top Derek Bateman an ex media man who political knowledge seemed endless and his wit as sharp as his writing with these 3 writing and fighting how could scots go wrong. Well as history shows Scotland voted no and the struggle continues and as Scotland looks to future elections and their place within the UK these 3 will lead the way for other media outlets delivering an alternative view for the Scottish public. This has in turn inspired many  bloggers and other alternative social media outlets  who have also taken up the struggle for a better Scotland I’m sure I speak for many scots Derek, Bella and Wings we salute you we thank you, we owe you ,please never leave us alone the fight for a fairer Scotland has a long way to go.

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Wings Over Scotland press here or on twitter @WingsScotland

Derek Bateman press here  or on twitter at @derekbateman2

Bellacaladonia  press here or on twitter at @bellacaladonia